Atlee’s new volleyball coach, Kasey Ogden, changes roles with her former coach, her father | 804 Uni

Atlee coach Curtis Carpenter speaks to his team during the game against Hanover on Tuesday, September 22, 2015.


Atlee players celebrate after handing top seed Mills Godwin his first loss of the season in the Girls’ Class 5, Region B volleyball final. The Raiders also tripped the Eagles in the regional finals last year.

Atlee at Mills Godwin Girls Volleyball

Kara Hammock, 27, and Atlee surpassed Ryan Taylor, 14, and Mills Godwin in the 2019 Region 5B final when the Raiders gave the Eagles their first loss of the season.


Atlee girls volleyball coach Curtis Carpenter (left) speaks to his daughter and future successor Kasey Ogden during a game in 2011.

Before she got married, people often called Kasey Ogden, Atlee’s new volleyball boss, her maiden name “Coach Carpenter”.

To which she would reply: “I’m not Coach Carpenter, this is my father. I’m Coach Kasey.”

Now, after two decades of Ogden’s father Curtis Carpenter running the Raiders program, the father-daughter duo is swapping roles. Ogden, who played for her father in the early 2000s before setting assistant records and winning a conference title at Averett University, will take the varsity job while her father moves to the junior varsity role that Ogden has held since 2014.

When Ogden was interviewed for the college job, she was asked what she would do differently from her father.

Your answer: “Not a lot.”

“We are 100% a team, which is why the transition is so smooth. We told our girls this was going to happen and they just said ‘OK’. They weren’t surprised, they know how much we work together, ”said Ogden.

“There are no egos, he’s not afraid to come up to me and say, ‘Hey, what do you think I should do with this lineup?’ And I’m not afraid to come up to him and say, ‘Yo, you need to call time out.’ We feed on each other so much, I’m glad he’s not going anywhere because we still have that bond, that relationship is strong and it makes our program great because we both worked hard to make it what it is it is, and that set expectations for Atlee volleyball, so it was pretty great to see it grow over the past decade or so. “

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