Bureau of Reclamation declares a shortage in the # ColoradoRiver Basin for the first time, resulting in water savings – The #ColoradoSprings Gazette #COriver #aridification

On Monday, the office announced the first shortage in the Colorado River basin, meaning water supplies for three states (Arizona, Nevada, and California) and Mexico will be restricted from January 2022 and will last year-round.

The plains on Lake Mead have flirted with this 1,075 foot level since 2014.

According to the Bureau of Reclamation, both Lake Mead and Lake Powell, the two largest reservoirs on the Colorado River, have been overexploited for years. So far, the imbalance has been overcome and the requirements due to “the substantial storage capacity of reservoirs in the Colorado River system” have been met. These include the dozen of Colorado reservoirs that flow into the Colorado River.

Water from Colorado, which begins in Rocky Mountain National Park, is divided between seven states and Mexico and governed by a 1922 treaty that divides the states into Upper Basin and Lower Basin regions. The states of the upper basin are Colorado, Utah, New Mexico, and Wyoming, and for these states in Lake Powell the water is “flooded”.

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