COVID outbreak reported at Mormon Missionaries Training Center

PROVO, Utah (AP) – An outbreak of COVID-19 has been reported at the Latter-day Saint Church of Jesus Christ’s Latter-day Saint missionaries training center in Provo, Utah, church officials said Thursday.

The Provo Missionary Training Center, which resumed personal training in June, requires all missionaries to have a full vaccination and also conducts COVID-19 tests.

Face covering is now required in all indoor spaces, and missionaries will not travel on their assigned missions unless they have tested negative for COVID-19 or completed all of the required quarantine periods, said Church Spokesman Sam Penrod.

Newly arriving missionaries must have a negative COVID-19 test when reporting to the center, he said.

After several missionaries tested positive this week, all 588 missionaries at the Provo Center tested, and a total of 91 tested positive. Very few of those who tested positive said they felt sick or had any symptoms, he said.

The center is still operating at a reduced capacity and has enough space to separate those who tested negative from those who tested positive for the respiratory virus.

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