Large avalanche at popular Bridal Veil Falls area

UTAH COUNTY, Utah — No injuries were reported after a large avalanche occurred at the popular Bridal Veil Falls area on Tuesday morning.

Live video below shows the aftermath of the Bridal Veil Falls avalanche

Photos show much of the base of the falls covered by the avalanche in Provo Canyon. The Utah Avalanche Center said the avalanche put snow onto SR-189 and dammed the Provo River.

Utah Avalanche Center

The Utah Department of Transportation had previously announced road closures for control work along US-189 that would begin at 10 am and last through noon. The closures begin at Canyon Glen and end at Vivian Park.

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Despite the control work being done, the avalanche at Bridal Veil Falls was natural.

Drivers are being told by the Utah Highway Patrol to avoid stopping on the shoulder to look at the avalanche because of it causing “some dangerous conditions.”

Bridal Veil Falls Avalanche

Utah Highway Patrol

Bridal Veil Falls avalanche

According to the Utah County Sheriff’s Office, which reported no injuries at the avalanche site, most of the snow is expected to melt and flow into the river.

Bridal Veil Falls avalanche

Utah Highway Patrol

Bridal Veil Falls avalanche

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