Letter: Ogden has integrity, expertise

Rob Ogden has my vote for Lancaster County Assessor-Register of Deeds.

As a former county commissioner, I recognize how important property valuation experience is to the reliability and proficiency of the assessor’s office. Rob is a consummate professional with a 47-year career in both public and private sector property appraisal management.

During my first term on the County Board, the Assessor’s office was in disarray. Property valuations were far from equitably appraised. Rob was a member of the private-sector team that re-established fair and accurate assessment values. He joined the assessor’s staff, serving Lancaster County citizens for 27 years in various roles in the office.

Rob won election as the County Assessor-Register of Deeds in 2018.

Lancaster County citizens have confidence in their property values, in great part to the dedication of Rob and his staff. Verifiable, accurate values ​​are the bedrock of the property tax system. Rob’s integrity, commitment to public service, and expertise are exactly the qualities needed for this critical county office.

Reelect Rob Ogden for County Assessor-Register of Deeds.

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