Ned LeDoux Headlines for Flaming Gorge Days 2022

GREEN RIVER — Flaming Gorge Days is returning to Sweetwater County. June 24, 25, and 26 marks the 65th event for Flaming Gorge Days and this year’s theme is Wyoming Proud. The Committee knows the community will come out to show their pride and support of this iconic event.

“I’m really looking forward to Flaming Gorge Days being a great event after two years of missing out,” Committee member James Chavez said

“This year’s line-up is going to be a lot of fun,” says Susan Mitchell, grant writer for the Committee.

Starting off “Flashback Friday” will be local favorite, Nowhere Fast: a classic rock/country band that has been together for over 18 years.

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The Committee is excited about the next act which will be Mirage-Visions of Fleetwood Mac. This group, based in Los Angeles, has earned top honors among tribute artists – endorsed by AXSTV as one of “The World’s Greatest Tribute Bands” and heartily praised by the ‘real’ Stevie Nicks after she heard a performance. Mirage recreates the classic lineup with a strong stage show with every detail to authenticity. From the custom wardrobe to the spot on musical and vocal performances, “Mirage” takes you on a journey celebrating the hits of Fleetwood Mac in its prime.

Closing out Friday night will be The Eagles Ronstadt Experience. They are a band of accomplished musicians dedicated to bringing to audiences an exciting concert experience of the two most iconic and popular artists of Rock: Linda Ronstadt and The Eagles. With a repertoire of chart-topping hits, ERE has outstanding lead and harmony vocalists, a poppin’ rhythm section, soaring and soulful guitar solos and a warm and welcoming stage persona.

“I’m so thrilled about the people we have lined up for Country Night! We’ve waited a long time to have people like this again and it’s going to be a great time,” Dawn Coursey, Chair of the Flaming Gorge Days Committee said.

First in line is Jared Rogerson. Rogerson is a Wyoming-based singer/songwriter whose western roots have blossomed into a distinct cowboy-rock vibe “…crafted to appeal to cowpokes who are equally comfortable with Chris LeDoux and Bon Jovi” – American Cowboy Magazine. As a former professional bareback bronc rider, active outdoorsman, and Nashville recording artist with five albums under his belt, he has pleased audiences across the western US and Europe with an energy-packed ride full of original songs and favorite covers. He is backed by his band, the Rodeo Wreck.

Next is Tim Montana. Raised in the wilds near Butte, Montana, Tim Montana (yes, it’s his real name), entered the world as an off-the-grid thrill-seeker. Whether he’s performing onstage with ZZ Top in front of a crowd of thousands, kicking it with his friend Dave Grohl at a Foo Fighters gig or racing ATVs with extreme-sports star Travis Pastrana, Tim Montana has a knack for always being in the right place at the right time. But don’t chalk it up to luck. Rather, it’s Montana’s innate talent, unrelenting hustle and magnetic charisma that have made the country-rock singer-songwriter a dude that everyone — from the famous to the blue-collar — wants to be around.

Closing out the weekend, the Committee is proud to present Ned LeDoux. “I’m proud to carry on the tradition and a lot of songs that I write are going to relate with songs that my dad wrote and recorded because I lived the same life,” the young singer/songwriter says. “I was born and raised on a ranch which my family still owns outside of Kaycee, Wyoming. That was my life and it’s reflected in the songs I write. I just think back to those days working on a ranch and hanging out with my granddad, who taught me how to drive a tractor, work cows and everything that is associated with ranching, but music has always been my dream.”

LeDoux began pursuing that dream at an early age, and even though he grew up in the shadow of his legendary father, he’s successfully carved his own path. “If I can be helped the man he was I think I’ll be okay,” he says with an easygoing grin, “but when it comes to songwriting I’ve got to write my own story. I’ve played drums for years and got my first band when I was in junior high. I went on to play drums with my dad from 1998 until he passed away in 2005, and then I started doing solo gigs.”

Ned LeDoux is carrying on the family tradition, but he’s also charting his own course, and Buckskin is the latest step on that journey. “I hope I inspire people to never forget where you came from,” he says. “That’s one thing I’m very proud of. I’m carrying on a tradition, but I’m writing my own story. I’m very proud of my family and friends and there’s one piece of advice my mom gave me when we were kids: ‘Never forget where you came from and show respect to people no matter where you are.’ So with this album I hope to inspire and show people, ‘Hey this old cowboy isn’t changing for nobody.’ I want people to know they should never give up on a dream. There’s always time. Just keep on going.”

Tickets will be available online. Check the website at for announcements and more
information coming soon. We appreciate the community’s understanding through the pandemic, and for
celebrating our return in 2022.

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