Obituary for the Brent Code (1975-2021) – North Ogden, UT

Brent James Code

December 5, 1975 ~ May 25, 2021

Brent James Code was born on December 5, 1975 at McKay Dee Hospital in Ogden, Utah. He completed the family of Dale LeRoy and Sharilee Wilson Code and their two daughters Colette and Shawna. Brent was a born storyteller; In fact, he learned to speak when he was about nine months old, but didn’t decide he had to go anywhere until he was about 13 months old. He was happy to just sit in his high chair and talk to his mother. All … Day … Long … One of his first words was “girl” because Shar Brent often referred to older sisters as “the girls”. Brent also had an uncanny ability to quote a movie from beginning to end, even from a very young age. All of these conversations must have been quite exhausting, because Brent often fell asleep while dripping his hat, usually at the dining room table.

Growing up in North Ogden, Brent attended Green Acres Elementary School. During this time he played many sports such as soccer, basketball, BMX, baseball, and soccer. He was really good at baseball, but soccer was his favorite. Football turned out to be a lifelong love of his, with the Denver Broncos being his favorite team. He was always fun to watch football matches because he really had a chance to call a piece before the announcers did. His game-to-game clairvoyance was a real superpower that amazed and entertained everyone who witnessed it at the same time. He was both a passionate and vocal spectator on the sidelines of every game he saw and wasn’t afraid to let the referee know if he disagreed with a call. Although he stopped doing sports himself after a small league, he was the biggest fan of any team his sons or nephews played on. He also liked to train football in the small league.

He attended North Ogden Junior High School and graduated from Weber High School in 1994. He spent his junior high and high school years having fun and making lasting friends. His friends fondly remember him as “one of the greats” and “one hell of a good guy”. He valued these friendships and always took the time to get in touch with people, no matter how much time had passed since the last conversation. He was a good friend to many. Enduring friendships were the hallmark of Brent’s life during those years.

One of Brent’s proudest accomplishments was being a father. Brendon Sterling was born in 1997 and Ashton Dale was born in 1999. Brent always had a good laugh, so he often joked that he gave his children the zip code and morse code, and even went so far as to put make-up on shirts for all three of them that said “morse”, “zip” and “area” . Aside from his father’s goofy jokes, Brent loved his two sons dearly. Brent was very fond of music, played guitar, wrote music, and yodeled. Ashton also loves playing guitar and writing original music, both things learned from his father. Brent loved every dog ​​he had ever met, and Sterling volunteered as a puppy breeder for Canine Companions and raised Cody, who later became a very successful bomb detection dog in Nashville. Brent was incredibly proud of his boys and all of their accomplishments.

Brent enjoyed many activities with his family and friends, including hunting and fishing trips, sitting around the campfire, and spending time in the family cabin. The hut was his happy place. He enjoyed “doing laps” while up there, which basically meant riding his four-wheeler from one friend’s cabin to the next, visiting him while he was there. He always checked for people, always asked how everyone else was doing, was always ready to give anyone who needed an open ear or a helping hand. The next generation of codes continues the tradition of “making laps” in the cabin.

Brent has had many customer-centric jobs throughout his life, from a 10 year career as a police officer to leaving the Internal Revenue Service for good. Each of these jobs had one thing in common: they showed Brent’s desire to serve and help others. He would give everything he had, what he’d learned from his father, to anyone who needed it.

Brent was caring, generous, generous, fun-loving, and always ready for an adventure. He would want to be remembered as a loving father and son, a big brother and uncle, someone who lived up to his father’s legacy, and someone other people could rely on when they needed help.

Brent died on May 25, 2021. His family takes comfort in the fact that he died peacefully, surrounded by loved ones. We are incredibly grateful for the caring staff in the intensive care unit in Ogden who fought so hard to stop the internal bleeding he suffered after falling from low blood pressure that resulted in broken ribs that injured his lungs. We know the ICU staff fought everything to save him. And we know that Brent also fought hard to survive that injury.

He is deeply missed and fondly remembered by many, including the following family members: Brendon Sterling Code (son), Ashton Dale Code and Megan Eldredge (son), Sharilee Code (mother), Colette and Shawn Albretsen (sister and brother) -law), Tyler Albretsen (nephew), Codey and Tara Albretsen (nephew), Shawna Code (sister) and Ann Wilson (grandma Shorty). His friend Kayli Prescott joins his family in grief and will miss him dearly and fondly remember him too.

Brent was reunited with his father Dale Code, who preceded him in death. May the rivers and lakes above support the amount of fish that two of them will practice in heaven.

Friends can join the Lindquists family at North Ogden Mortuary, 2140 North Washington Blvd., on Thursday, June 3, 2021, from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. visit.

Published by Lindquist Mortuary – North Ogden May 29-30, 2021.

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