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Dear Heloise: Most people rarely write a check anymore, but there are occasions when a check is needed. If you are ordering new checks, do not have your full name on a check. Instead of “Mary Jones” or “Mary J Jones” on your printed checks, use your initials. For example: “MJ Jones.” If someone happens to steal your checks, they won’t know who MJ Jones is or if it’s a man or a woman. This makes it much easier for your bank to detect fraud on your account. — Terry F., Boston


Dear Heloise: While spring cleaning, many of us will be cleaning out our main clothes closet. Most of us have a habit of collecting things or hanging on to a garment because we intend to lose weight, because it has a memory attached to it, or we only wore it once and we’re hoping to wear it again in the future. But as you go through the closet, ask yourself, “When was the last time I wore this?” other “Does it still fit?” By the time you wear it again, it could be out of style or your tastes could have changed. Either have a garage sale or donate your usable clothing to charity.

Get rid of things that don’t belong in your closet to free up space. Throw out worn-out shoes and purses, and group things together, such as all jeans together, all sweaters together, all dresses together, etc. Organizing your closet is a step toward organizing your life. — Tiffany N., Provo, Utah


Dear Heloise: I keep a cubed tissue box on top of my dryer so I can place my lint and old dryer sheets in it. When it’s full, I throw it out. — Kay G., Monroeville, Indiana


Dear Heloise: What is the correct way to address a widow in a letter? I thought it was “MarySmith” or “Mrs. John Smith.” — Dolores K., Torrance, California

Dolores, if she is a close friend, go ahead and use her first name. However, traditionally, a widow is addressed with the title of Mrs. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: How do I keep my bathroom mirror from fogging up every time I take a shower? — Seth J., Newark, Ohio

Seth, automotive stores sells an anti-fog solution that’s frequently used on car windshields. Use it on your bathroom mirrors, and your problem should be solved. — Heloise


Dear Heloise: I have a real problem with my drinking glasses getting stuck together. How can I get them apart? — Diane S., Farrell, Pennsylvania

Diane, pour cold water into the top glass and set the bottom one in warm water. With a little effort, they should pull apart. If this fails to do the trick, use a little oil along the edges and try to pull them apart. If at all possible, you might want to store glass items without stacking them. That way you won’t risk getting them stuck. — Heloise

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