Paris Hilton Hosting Netflix Cooking Show

The series produced by Hilton itself adds another dimension to the star with several hyphens. Since her documentary This Is Paris YouTube Originals released in September 2020, Hilton has seen something of a reintroduction to the world and fans. With her Simple Life days behind her, Hilton has spoken openly about the trauma and demons of her past with the public as a witness. Most notably, Hilton spoke about the alleged abuse she suffered at the age of 17 while attending Provo Canyon School in Utah, which she first spoke about in her documentary and later testified before Utah lawmakers. In light of the allegations, the Provo School, which was sold to new owners in August 2000, said it “cannot provide any prior information about operations or patient experiences,” and released a statement in February in support of legislation that would require more regulations for the Treatment centers for teenagers in Utah. “As always, our only goal is patient safety,” the school said in a statement. “Basically and procedurally, we have always behaved within the requirements of our reporting obligations.”

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