Police: Utah woman stole $ 145,000 from child justice center

SALT LAKE CITY – Friends of Uintah & Daggett County Children’s Justice Center treasurer is accused of stealing more than $ 145,000 from the organization.

Michelle Lyn Coon, 41, was sent to Uintah County Jail on Wednesday to investigate a theft, arrest documents show.

Bank statements from the Vernal-based nonprofit organization dating back to 2012 showed unauthorized withdrawals and charges to Coons issued by the company totaling more than $ 145,000, according to an affidavit with a likely cause.

The fees included money spent in fast food restaurants, shoe stores, clothing stores, and online stores, as well as telephone charges, the affidavit said. The investigating detective wrote that he had also found copies of checks made out to Coon for thousands of dollars.

When questioned by police, Coon estimated that according to an affidavit, she had been taking money from the organization for at least 10 years.

“She told me it was just starting a little, but then she described to me that she was addicted to buying things like a drug user would be,” the detective wrote.

A judge on Thursday set Coon’s bail at $ 10,000.

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