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OGDEN – Zach Almond took his 25.2 win on Saturday at Lindquist Field in the second inning, the paddleheads fourth consecutive win over Ogden in the series.

Cameron Thompson later scored in the third round after a mistake by Raul Shah for a 4-0 lead and AJ Wright scored in the fourth round for a 5-0 advantage for Missoula.

Jakob Goldfarb led sixth for Ogden with a single and after Pavin Parks was hit by a pitch, Goldfarb stole third place and came home with Parks in second place with a throw error for a 5-1 mark. But David Maberry struck, Raul Shah hung up and Dom Abbadessa struck, and the Raptors missed a chance to rally.

Niko Pacheco doubled up in Josh Broughton in the seventh for Ogden’s other run.

Missoula only beat Ogden 11-10, but Pacheco’s double was the Raptors’ only extra base hit. The paddleheads added two doubles to the above two homers.

Aleaziz took the loss. Cole Cook won the win in five innings, which allowed for a run. Mark Simon threw 2 1/3 goalless to save Missoula and allowed only one hit. The three pitchers from Missoula combined to hit 11 raptors while none went.

The teams play the fifth game of the six-game set on Sunday at 4 p.m.


Missoula 6, Ogden 2

Idaho Falls 14, Boise 5

Grand Junction 10, Rocky Mountain 7

Great Falls 12, Billings 6


Second half – 11 games left


* Missoula 21-16 … 56-29

Settlements 20-17 … 38-47

Idaho Falls 20-18 … 54-32

Great Falls 18-19 … 37-48


Boise 22-16 … 42-44

Big intersection 19-17… 45-38

* Ogden 17-20 … 46-39

Rocky Mountain 11-25 … 21-62

* – denotes the champion of the 1st half


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