Records set for 100 degree days in SLC and flood warnings statewide

Salt lake city hit a record number of 100 degree days and the state is close to the all-time highest number of flood warnings statewide. (Ben B. Braun/Deseret News)

(Ben B. Braun/Deseret News)

SALT LAKE CITY — Thursday marks the 24th day of this summer of temperatures reaching 100 degrees in Salt Lake City. Also, the third day in a row of temperatures hitting 100 degrees, says Matt Johnson with KSL TV.

However, Johnson said you can expect cooler temperatures as soon as Friday due to a low-pressure system moving in from the west. This weather moving in will bring storms across the state over the weekend.

Johnson also says that we could see another 100-degree day up until early September.

Flash flood warnings

In 2022, we’ve already hit the second highest number of flood warnings statewide that have ever been recorded.

Photo credit: Matt Johnson/KSL TV

According to Johnson, 77 flash flood warnings have been issued in Utah as of August 2022. This record is only beat by 2021, which had a total of 118 flash flood warnings.

Becky Bruce and Devin Oldroyd contributed to this story.

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