Sexist comments “prevalent and normalized” in Utah, study says

LOGAN, Utah – Based on a 2020 survey at Utah State University, the Utah Women and Leadership Project says sexist comments and remarks are “still widespread” in Utah.

In addition, the group said these types of remarks are “normalized” across the spectrum of everyday conversation, public communication, and social circles in Utah.

“In general, women reported experiencing direct or subtle bias,” Susan Madsen, UWLP director, told KSL NewsRadio.

“Often times, men talk about how a woman looks, not her mind,” said Madsen. “That relates to the sexualization of women. If we only focus on looks and bodies, we are more likely to think about it in women than men. “

The UWLP offered the online study in spring 2020. 839 women from different backgrounds and situations between the ages of 18 and 70 took part in the survey.

The study included a response section asking participants to share the sexist comments they had heard and how they responded to the comments.

Madsen says the most common types of comments reported by respondents involved stereotypes.

“You know, sexist language that skips the women’s posts assumes they’re incompetent,” Madsen said.

In one case, Madsen shared an example of a female lawyer in a room full of male lawyers asked to bring someone a cup of coffee.

Part of the study was to analyze how the women participating in the study reacted or reacted to sexist comments. Most of them reported giving a straightforward answer such as asking a question, providing information, giving a snappy answer, or reacting with humor. The second most common answer offered was no answer at all.

An effective educational tool can be a direct or educational response to a sexist statement, Madsen said. And she hopes the study itself can be a tool to empower women in the workplace and elsewhere.

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