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Anna Burleson, Standard Examiner File photo

Ogden High School is pictured on August 17, 2017.

OGDEN – An Ogden High School student was found in possession of a firearm Wednesday morning and police are investigating.

A staff member became concerned about the male student, leading to a search, Ogden school district spokesman Jer Bates said Thursday. The firearm was on the school premises, but the student was not in direct possession at the time of the search, Bates said.

It was not known whether the gun was loaded.

“We are very much looking at this as an isolated incident,” said Bates. There was no evidence of threats or other signs of trouble on the part of the student, he said.

“The student will not be there in person,” Bates said until the results of the investigation are in.

Bates declined to provide further details and referred inquiries to the Ogden Police Department.

“We had at least a handful of parents who expressed concern,” said Bates.

The district issued a statement to parents, part of which said, “Today a school employee had concerns about the behavior of a student. The school administration was alerted immediately and intervened to provide support. This intervening process led to the discovery that the student was in possession of a weapon. There is no evidence that this person intended to harm our school. “

Bates declined to describe the concern that led to the student’s search.

He said officials also looked into inaccurate reports on social media.

“We’re looking at a situation where you hear guns and school and immediately go off the alarm bells,” he said.

Efforts to obtain more information from the Ogden Police Department were not immediately successful.


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