The school PTA’s hilarious signs tell parents to keep the dispensing lines moving

If you’ve ever felt your blood boil down the school discharge line, you are not alone.

After complaints from parents at Mountain View School in Waddel, Arizona, the PTA took a fun approach to fixing the drop-off line issue.

“Our school had grown quite a bit this year and we had a big problem with parents wanting to sit on the delivery line until our gates opened,” PTA President Kira Provo told Fox News.

Hilarious PTA signs tell parents not to block drop-off lines
(PTA of the school with mountain view)

As a result, the entrance to the parking lot was blocked. The parents turned to the PTA for help.

“We decided it would be fun to have celebrity-inspired signs,” Provo said.

A photo from NSYNC is taken from the message, “Tell the kids bye. bye, bye “and” Pivot! Out of the drop-off line! ”. shows Ross from “Friends”.

“When we decided these were the funniest, I made them in Photoshop and had them printed,” Provo told Fox News.

The Mountain View PTA only kept the signs for one day, but Provo said it seemed to help the congestion and “the parents loved them”.

The PTA’s post has been shared more than 20,000 times since Friday.

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