The South Ogden man is brought to life in prison for stabbing his mother in the courts

OGDEN – A man from South Ogden who pleaded guilty but was mentally ill to attempt murder was sentenced to five years in prison on Thursday for stabbing his mother to death.

On January 21, 2020, the 35-year-old Michael Adam Christensen stabbed his mother several times in the chest and back, according to records from the 2nd District Court, hitting a lungs, liver and heart wall.

When she felt stab wounds, the victim asked her son: “What are you doing to me?” Then he stole her car, it said in an affidavit.

When convicted on video Thursday afternoon before Judge Joseph Bean, defense attorney Gage Crowther said he had not denied a preliminary report by Utah Adult Probation and Parole recommending the detention of Christensen.

After Christensen agreed to a plea deal on February 21 of that year, Bean ordered him to be sent to Utah State Hospital for an assessment of his mental health.

Bean noted that Christensen State Hospital did not hold up for treatment after the exam. In the prejudice report below, Christensen was recommended to be treated and counseled in Utah State Prison.

Weber County’s assistant attorney Nicholas Caine said Christensen’s mother decided not to speak at the conviction but asked him to share her thoughts.

“It’s just her feeling that she’s hopeful that he can get help and treatment in prison for needing it,” Caine said.

The woman was hospitalized after the knife stab in the intensive care unit.

In return for pleading guilty to a first degree crime in attempted murder, prosecutors dropped the number of second degree crimes and class A misdemeanor with a dangerous weapon by a disabled person.

Bean sentenced Christensen to five years in prison for the 485 days since the knife stab.

Court records revealed an escalating pattern of behavior on the part of Christensen towards his mother.

In November 2017, Christensen broke a door in his mother’s house, stole her phone and left, and police soon found him in a nearby supermarket.

They arrested him after an argument and found he was holding a knife when officers handcuffed him on the floor.

He was released from prison, and a month later he went to his mother’s house and stole several credit cards, a police document said. Until then, the woman had a protective order against him.

Police arrested him in a fast food restaurant and had to shoot him with a taser after resisting and injuring an officer’s thumb.

He later pleaded guilty to a Class A misdemeanor for a criminal accident and unlawful possession of a dangerous weapon in November and a third-degree theft of crime in the December affair.

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