Third inning helps crusaders seize the Bulldogs | Sports

There was every reason to doubt the game.

A good two weeks earlier, these two teams had met in Ogden, where the hometown of Ogden Bulldogs won. Since then, both teams had worked their way through the county tournament and were ready to meet again.

This time things would be a little different, but the end result was the same as the hometown team won.

Coon Rapids-Bayard senior Josh Ramirez trots towards home plate after hitting a home run in the third inning of a July 17 game.

Helping the Crusaders carry out their 7-2 revenge win over Ogden was the feat of senior Josh Ramirez’s third inning feat that contributed to the ultimate victory.

As everyone had thought, the game was a close fight at the beginning. Both Ogden and Coon Rapids-Bayard tested each other with a run in the first inning.

From then on, both teams stagnated on the offensive, as the draw lasted until the bottom of the third.

Senior Josh Ramirez stepped up to the plate with a runner and watched the Ogden pitcher try to challenge Ramirez’s power hits.

It wasn’t long before the challenge against Ramirez soon turned into an interstate clinch trip for the Crusaders.

One of the early throws failed to fool Ramirez as he was able to follow the ball and make a powerful swing.

The ball bounced off the bat for Ramirez and didn’t think about touching it for a long time after it left the boundaries of the ballpark on the Coon Rapids-Bayard baseball field.

Ramirez took a double home run, his third of the season, and helped the Crusaders start a very long third inning for Ogden.

The Crusaders would pack three more runs into the bottom of the third inning to jump 6-1 after just three innings.

Coon Rapids-Bayard, suspicious of an Ogden team that had scored seven runs in the previous meeting, knew that the best way to ensure a win is to keep scoring runs. That is exactly what Ramirez did in the fourth inning when he was able to round the bases for the seventh run of the game. Ramirez’s second run of the game helped the Crusaders take them 7-1 at the time.

Ogden would score his second run of the game in the top of the fifth inning, but they weren’t done with extending the game.

With neither team threatening to score in the sixth inning, Ogden made one final push to extend the lead.

The Bulldogs were able to load the bases in the top of the seventh, but the Crusaders never let the potential bond run get on the plate. Coon Rapids-Bayard held off the threat and won a district final, one game away from a possible state tournament appearance.

Preston McAlister claimed victory for the Crusaders. In four innings thrown, he gave up six hits and two earned runs and knocked out six batter.

Quentin Culbertson could throw for three innings. He allowed one punch and knocked out two thugs.

Ramirez finished with three hits including a home run, a double and three RBI. He scored two runs.

Gabe Obert finished with two hits, a triple and a single. He scored a run and had an RBI.

Easton Hays had a hit. Kolby Culbertson scored a run. Aaron McAlister had a doppelganger; Lance Clayburg had scored an RBI, a double and a run. Preston Mcalister had a hit. Quentin Culbertson had an RBI and a run. Parker Hays had made a run.

The Crusaders will attempt to validate their ticket to Merchants Park when they face the Grundy Center in the Class 1A Substate 6 finals tonight. This game will take place in Nevada. The first pitch is planned for 7:00 p.m.

Grundy Center was able to advance into the Substate 6 game this season with an overall record of 18-8.

After a bye in the first round, the Spartans were able to defeat BCLUW 11-0. On Saturday, the Spartans were able to defeat Janesville in a 5-3 competition to send them to Substate.

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