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Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard Examiner

“I used to take the FrontRunner when I used to go to college. And I think — especially over the last couple of years — but I feel like with COVID-19 not being so much of a thing, and it has gotten a lot nicer. I think it is important that the FrontRunner run on Sundays … I know that I would have appreciated it a lot.” — Karashaea Scott, West Haven

“I have never had to use public transportation ever, really, in my life. I remember my mom taking us on the bus when I was maybe four of five years old. I think it is excellent to have public transportation for those people who really needed. I would say that the public transportation is still doing pretty good, especially for those who need to use it, especially with gas prices right now, some say it is probably a lot cheaper to use public transportation.” — Hector Villalicana, Ogden

“I miss when the buses ran all night. Since COVID-19, they’ve stopped earlier, which makes it more difficult for people who work graveyard shifts. I do think that the FrontRunner should run on all Sundays and holidays … I remember I would get off of work and try to catch the FrontRunner, but I did not know the trains did not run all night, so I got stuck all night on the platform until they started running again in the morning.” — Jayden Timperley, Ogden

“The only suggestion that I think I could make is to create a special bus route for busses to follow, and it would be nice to have a designated bus lane so that it is not as hard to keep traffic rolling. So far, I think that The FrontRunner is a nice option to have for people who might be commuting … A bus lane would be great because it does get hectic, you know, especially along Washington boulevard. Traffic gets backed up when these buses stop, and it makes it even harder to pass the buses. — Spencer Williamson, Ogden

“I have only really taken the FrontRunner … The hardest problem that I have had is the ticket machine being broken and there is no one to ask about not having a ticket, although I had purchased one. I have only had one experience where the FrontRunner schedule made me late – and that was because someone had chained their bike up somewhere along The FrontRunner track. I mean, it goes really fast, it’s a speedy ride. I use it about once a week, and I think it is overall enjoyable. I do wish that they had more available times to depart and board trains.” — Sarah Cooke, Kearns

Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard Examiner

Photos and interviews by Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner.

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