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Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard Examiner

“Some more programs to encourage water usage in our community. More accountability in the water use that we have … From the citizens, I think that there is a lot of waste from commercial water. I think that there are a lot of rental properties that contract out to businesses, you contact that business, and you say, ‘I have noticed that you have had your water on every day for this long,’ and they are like, ‘Well , we do not own the property, so it is not our problem.’ I think that residents have done a really good job this year, but I do not think that businesses have followed suite … I think that that is something that is going to be our limiting factor for growth and prosperity in the area if we do not have enough water.” — Jody Leatham, Ogden

“I would like to see that there is more focus on bringing vibrancy downtown. I have been going to a lot of these City Council meetings, like about the Wonderblock and stuff like that. I love seeing more things happening, but I am concerned about it becoming bland and generic; and you know, I don’t want a ‘Station Park’ Downtown Ogden. I mean, I moved here because it was a unique place, but I moved here because I worked here and I realized what a unique place it was. Ogden is not like other places in the state. We are our own little special microcosm and I want to keep it that way.” — Rebecca Thomas-Maurer, Ogden

“Honestly, I would like to see people learn what love truly is — not in a worldly view but in a spiritual view — because what I am seeing is that people are not understanding that there are a few different types of love. There is the love that we think as of love and then there is the spiritual love which is really what love is; so, people could learn to love each other by treating each other with respect and giving of themselves more in the community. I think that cleaning up people’s mouths as well… I believe that you are not loving yourself if you are not verbally clean. The way we speak to people also affects our own selves.” — Melody Stannard, Ogden

“In the next year, I would like to see more small businesses, commercial areas in a walkable distance spread out throughout the community. Something that would promote walkable cities where you do not need to necessarily drive to get somewhere, but you can walk outside of your house and you can get some small groceries, or coffee, or some barbershop services or whatever else.” — Dmytro Sviridov, Salt Lake City

Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard Examiner

“There is a local church where I live and they are very involved with the homeless, so I think being involved with the homeless is something that I have seen and would be really cool if we all did a lot more. I think making food, I don’t know, I have thought about going out, but some people are skeptical which makes total sense. So, I think that giving what I can to the church and just giving it to the church.” — Alexandria Chavez, Ogden

Photos and interviews by Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner.

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