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Tim Vandenack, standard auditor

Several Weber County incumbents say they will seek re-election in 2022, although the submission deadline for the next year’s election cycle doesn’t begin before March 7, 2022. In this archive photo from the elections earlier this year, election workers from Weber County are processing post-in votes on October 29, 2021 at the Weber Center in Ogden. In the picture from top left clockwise are Lori Lovelady, Tom Bland, Lynda Bland and Yvonne Berger.

OGDEN – Only a few days left in 2021, 2022 and the new election cycle is imminent.

Although the formal registration deadline for candidates for state and local races is not until Jan.

At the federal level, US MP Blake Moore, the 1st district representative and GOPer, will seek a second term. At least two other Republicans want to fight for the seat, Alena Ericksen and Andrew Badger.

At least one county official – Weber County Commissioner Scott Jenkins – says he most likely won’t run. “That’s my plan for today – not to run,” said Jenkins on Monday.

However, with Phil Swanson, currently a member of North Ogden City Council, at least one potential successor has emerged. He announced on Facebook last week that he would fight for the district post, Seat B on the three-person district commission. “As we work together to ensure a bright and prosperous future for Weber County, I will protect your rights, work to reduce government intrusion into our personal lives, and make Weber County a better place for our children and grandchildren” said Swanson.

Here’s a look at some of the competitions Weber County’s voters will be entering in the 2022 cycle:

US house: Judging by the finances at least, Moore was in the running for the GOP candidate in the race of 1. Last April, he submitted his candidacy.

That doesn’t stop the two announced challengers from moving forward. Both had not yet reported any contributions to the FEC.

Ericksen took on a deeply religious tone in a post on her Facebook page late last month when she spoke about her candidacy.

“I believe the Constitution is hanging by a thread and God needs and will provide men and women to save it,” she wrote. She continued, “I am ready to be his hands in bondage as I embark on this journey. Belief in trusting in our Creator is the first principle I walk by and it will be the key to saving the Constitution. “

Badger, who says he is a former US intelligence officer, describes himself as “(c) conservative outsider ready to fight for Utah”. His top priority is “RESTORING confidence in the integrity of our elections”.

State Senate: The only Utah Senate level competition in Weber County is for the District 5 post now held by Ann Millner. She did not immediately respond to a Standard Examiner query about her plans.

The seat will remain in District 18 until the new district boundaries for the 2022-2023 term come into effect. But they have been redrawn and their new number is District 5. Millner is ending her second term.

State House: The incumbent members of the Utah House for Weber County who the Standard Examiner might reach all say they will run again.

Matt Gwynn, a Republican from Farr West and chief of the Roy Police Department, said he would seek a second term in District 6, which covers northwest Weber County and part of Box Elder County to the north. Until the new district borders come into force, it is now called District 29.

Ryan Wilcox, an Ogden Republican, is set to run again for the District 7 post. He held it from 2009 to 2014 and was re-elected in 2020. It is difficult to achieve much in just a two-year term, he said, citing the drought and mental health issues related to first responders as likely priorities. District 7 includes parts of Ogden and North Ogden.

Steve Waldrip, a Republican from Eden, will seek his third term in District 8, he said. This includes part of Ogden, including part of the East Bench, as well as the Ogden Valley and eastern Weber Counties.

Cal Musselman, a West Haven Republican, now holds the seat of District 9, which extends from West Haven east to central Ogden. He did not immediately respond to a Standard Examiner query about his plans during this cycle. He is in his second term.

Rosemary Lesser, a Democrat from Ogden, will run for the seat in District 10, which includes parts of Ogden, South Ogden, Riverdale and Washington Terrace. She won a special election among Weber County’s Democrats earlier this year for the seat after the death of Lou Shurtliff, who passed away unexpectedly late last year after being elected to the post in 2020.

With Lorraine Brown, who has run twice for the seat, and Jill Koford, two Republicans have announced that they will be looking for the seat in District 10.

Kelly Miles, a Republican from the South Ogden area, said he would run again for the seat of District 11, which covers parts of South Ogden, Riverdale and Uintah and leads to South Weber, Davis County. He is looking for his fourth term.

Mike Schultz, a Republican from Hooper, said he was aiming for a fifth term. He is the newly elected majority leader in the Utah home.

District Weber: Weber County Commissioner Gage Froerer, a former Utah House member who has completed his first term on the commission, said he would seek a second term for Seat A.

He alluded to Jenkins’ likely plans not to run. “It is not good when two (commissioners) go at the same time,” said Froerer. Three serve on the commission and Jim Harvey, the third commissioner, is not eligible for election this cycle.

Weber County Sheriff Ryan Arbon, who has finished his first term, said he plans to run again.

Likewise, Weber County Clerk Auditor Ricky Hatch and Weber County Attorney Chris Allred said they would both run for office in 2022.

Up for his fourth term, Hatch said he loves what he does and that he believes he can make a difference here and in Utah.

Allred, who is aspiring to his third term, cited, among other things, joint efforts to make the Ogden neighborhoods safer and worked with drug courts, among other things. “We have established and maintained excellent relationships with our police forces, and I strive to maintain the momentum and continue to serve the people in the Weber district!” Said Allred in an email to the standard auditor.

In 2022, three seats on the Ogden school board are on the ballot. These are the districts 2, 4, and 7 offices now held by Doug Barker, Amber Allred, and Joyce Wilson.

There are four seats of the Weber school board on the ballot. They are intended for the seats in Districts 1, 2, 3, and 6 now held by Dean Oborn, Jan Burrell, Bruce Jardine and Janis Christensen, respectively.


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