Utah’s Fantasy Canyon: The Devil’s Playground

VERNAL, Utah – Beehive State is famous for some of the most unique rock formations in the world. Just 40 miles south of Vernal is a small geological treasure in Fantasy Canyon.

As KSL photojournalist Aubrey Shafer shows us, Fantasy Canyon is a great place to explore.

It has that magical sand castle feel to it with these sand towers that we have.

The unusual rocks were formed around 38-50 million years ago. These sediments were deposited as part of the lake that formerly occupied the Uinta Basin.

Over time, as these rocks solidified, the different strengths and resistances to erosion left behind the amazing formations.

The canyon features formations such as the flying porpoise, the screaming man, the alien head, and the diving otter.

Unfortunately, a rock pile called the teapot formation no longer exists. It collapsed in 2006 due to the fragile nature of the environment.

The area is beautiful and breathtaking because it is fragile. But for the same reason, it won’t last forever.

Fantasy Canyon is a perfect place to spend a few hours with the family. Just make sure you bring plenty of water.

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