With a flood at the end of 2021

UTAH– Snow will last all day and will last until the evening around 5:00 PM. Here’s what you need to know as you traverse this muddy final day of 2021.


While the snow should last through the evening, we probably won’t see much in terms of accumulation for the rest of the day.

So much MORE snow we could see today pic.twitter.com/0Tt9xlY74j

– Grant Weyman (@KSLweyman) December 31, 2021

It looks like tomorrow will be a cool New Years Day with some sun and 22 degrees.

Rain and snow Wednesday and Thursday with highs around 40 degrees.

The weather forecast for this week from KSLWeather.com


Most of the major highways are snowy and slippery

Crash in southern Utah County in Spanish Fork near Main Street, slippery conditions likely to be to blame. The relationship between Provo and Draper on I-15 is clearing up.

Even when the snow subsides, you want to slow down and allow yourself plenty of stopping distance.

We had a little break in the flakes, but it’s snowing again in Sandy. There’s a crust of ice under the snow so give yourself plenty of stopping distance. #utwx pic.twitter.com/BgFS39CpV5

– Becky Bruce (@KSLbbruce) December 31, 2021

Conditions in the canyons

Today, expect at least an hour late to get into both Big and Little Cottonwood Canyon.

It takes over an hour to get off I-215 at Holladay to get to the Big & Little Cottonwood Canyons. Both canyons are open, but the laws of traction apply. pic.twitter.com/QeabRiw7DC

– Heather Kelly (@KSLHeatherKelly) December 31, 2021

Be careful if your travel plans include parleys. The roads were really tricky up the canyon this morning.

Chains required on all semi-trailers traveling through Parleys Canyon. Here’s a look at the road conditions near the East Canyon exit. pic.twitter.com/BgT9yAUfX8

– Heather Kelly (@KSLHeatherKelly) December 31, 2021

All the snow dogs out there get their money’s worth. We have a lot of fresh white stuff up in the mountains today, but be careful once you get up there and stay tuned on KSL for the latest information on the canyon traffic.

Road and lifting platform update:
Highway SR-210 will be closed from 8 a.m. to prevent avalanches. No estimated time of road opening. Snowbird expects a delayed opening as we carry out avalanche control measures and put personnel out on the streets after the reopening. There is no current ETA for elevator openings.

– Snowbird Alerts (@SnowbirdAlerts) December 31, 2021

Risk of avalanches possible

Heads up! Avalanches in Little Cottonwood Canyon are reported to have been near historical maximum distances this morning.

– UtahAvalancheCenter (@UACwasatch) December 31, 2021

Avalanche forecasters at the Utah Avalanche Center are very concerned about possible snow slides ahead. They point to the feet of the fresh powder snow on the slopes of the last days of snow. Hurricane strength in the Wasatch has created huge sheets of snow that can trigger the avalanches. If you do decide to go into the hinterland, please do some research before you go.

Stay tuned to KSL NewsRadio for the latest traffic and weather information today.

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