Youth football all-star games end in Green River

This is only part of the action during the Green River v Vernal, Utah game on Friday night. SweetwaterNOW photo by Stephanie Thompson

GREEN RIVER – After three days of competition, the Green River Pigskin Challenge Youth Football All Star 2020 games ended yesterday.

Despite the windy conditions, teams from across Wyoming and one team from Utah continued to play.

The teams taking part in the challenge were Green River, Rock Springs, Riverton, Gillette, Laramie, and Vernal, Utah.

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Results of the Pig Skin Challenge 2020

Green River defeated Vernal, Utah: 26-0
Rock Springs defeated Laramie: 26-0

Green River faced Vernal, Utah on Friday night and won. SweetwaterNOW photos by Stephanie Thompson

Rock Springs defeated Vernal, Utah: 33-0
Green River defeated Laramie: 26-0
Gillette defeated Vernal, Utah: 40-0
Vernal, Utah defeated Riverton: 14-7
Green River defeated Riverton: 19-0
Gillette defeated Green River: 36-0

Rock Springs played Laramie Friday night and won. SweetwaterNOW photos by Stephanie Thompson

Rock Springs def. Gillette: 20-13

The organizers of the program would like to thank all parents and referee teams who contributed to the success of the event. They also wanted to thank their sponsors, Cowboy Donuts, Tire Den, Rock Springs Tire, The Hitching Post Restaurant, Staci Ann’s Cafe, and Coca Cola for their generous donations.

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