Audit finds that Uintah County, Utah has misused funds

Utah’s Office of the State Auditor released an audit of the Uintah county on Wednesday, finding that issues “span the full spectrum of state accounting.”

The report highlights 13 weaknesses including a lack of financial control, lack of collection and tracking procedures, improper use of COVID-19 tools, no reporting of conflicts of interest, ineffective management of federal programs, and no submission of required federal reports.

The auditors expressed concerns that the district management would not accept responsibility for their financial statements, which limited the auditors’ ability to confirm the accuracy of the district’s 2020 financial statements.

“The rejection of the Uintah County’s leadership with the above statements underscores the lack of understanding and irresponsibility with which they approach the execution and oversight of financial reporting that the auditor feels is a concern,” the auditor’s conclusion read.

This review was conducted after the State Auditor’s Office received advice from whistleblowers about the misuse of funds in the county.

State Auditor John Dougall, who led the investigation, said the county commission and the clerk or auditor should immediately improve their procedures and adhere to state and federal guidelines.

“Each Utah state political division is responsible for the appropriate administration and reporting of its financial activities. I am deeply concerned about the severity of the financial turmoil in the Uintah County government, particularly its failure to comply with the regulations required for federal funding. And I am particularly concerned about the inability or unwillingness of district officials to stand behind the accuracy of the district’s financial statements, “said Dougall.

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