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BRIAN WOLFER, special about the standard examiner

Ogden Raptors players Pavin Parks (13) and Jakob Goldfarb (23) celebrate Parks’ home run in the first inning against the Boise Hawks in the playoff game of the Pioneer League South Division Championship on Saturday, September 11, 2021, at Lindquist Field in Ogden .

OGDEN – After a two-year wait, all the insignia of the playoff baseball were back on Lindquist Field on Saturday night.

A smaller crowd, but a boisterous one, including a healthy number of fanatics, hung on each court in the Ogden Raptors v Boise Hawks game in the Pioneer Baseball League’s Southern Division championship game, an elimination round of one game.

Those 1,697 spectators were treated to a 12 innings roller coaster epic. And with a tieing run on third base and the winning run on second in lower 12 base, Raptors star Jakob Goldfarb landed on first base and couldn’t beat Boises Wladimir Galindo.

Galindo stepped to the base, sent the falcons out of their shelter, and ran across the field. Boise’s first playoff spot since 2014 lets her play against the Missoula Paddleheads in the PBL’s championship series, while the Ogden Raptors are ready for 2021.

The Boise Hawks win the South Division playoff game 8-7 in 12 innings

– StandardEx Raptors (@RaptorsSE) September 12, 2021

Ogden raced to a 5-0 lead early on in a start that developed exactly as they’d like with ace Nico Tellache on the hill.

After Goldfarb doubled up and Reese Alexiades took a step in the first step, Pavin Parks – who played several dazzling defensive games at third base that night – shattered a bomb on Raptor Ridge for a 3-0 lead.

Goldfarb again doubled up Boise starter Matt Dallas in the second round and let a Blooper do justice in the left corner of the field to meet Andy Armstrong. Alexiades hit with a sacrificial fly to hit Josh Broughton and the lead was 5-0.

By four innings, Boise could only get a Galindo against Tellache, who hit the poke on a fastball that just cleared Raptor Ridge and made it 5-1 after four innings.

BRIAN WOLFER, special about the standard examiner Boise Hawks starter Matt Dallas retires to pitch a pitch against the Ogden Raptors during the Pioneer League South Division championship game on Saturday, September 11, 2021 at Lindquist Field in Ogden.

It started to loosen in the fifth when Nate Fisbeck took the lead with a double for Boise, Tyler Jorgensen hit him through the left side with a slapped single, and Myles Miller hit a sac fly to get Hidekel Gonzalez with a 5-3 score achieve.

Mitchell Miller took over on the mound and lunged out from further damage but then gave up a two-time homer to Roby Enriquez in sixth place to tie it 5-5.

At the end of the sixth, Troy Dixon took a step, stole the second, and gave a 6-5 Ogden lead with a Broughton double.

Jason Dicochea doubled up in the top of seventh and the Hawks threatened with runners in second and third with an out. Alejandro Rivero hit with a sacrificial fly to count Byron Smith to 6-6 and Dylan Pearce hit Galindo to stop it there.

The Raptors dang two in game nine when Goldfarb went straight to single and stole, and Dom Abbadessa pinched Alexiades and took a step. But Parks struck and David Maberry came on the second base.

For the playoffs, the PBL waived their novel knock-out home run derby tiebreak format, so that the game continued as usual in additional innings.

Boise took his first lead of the game 7-6 at the top of 10. Dicochea took a double lead, moved to third with a groundout, and scored when Enriquez punched one through the left.

Ogden should have won the game by the end of the 10th. Owen Taylor shot a double off the midfield wall to take the lead, then Raul Shah pushed a liner into first base line to hit Taylor and tie 7-7 – giving Ogden the winning run in the scoring position without a position Outs.

Catcher Niko Pacheco competed for Shah and moved up to third place with a Dixon victim colorful. Armstrong was purposely run to build a troop but finished second unchallenged with Josh Broughton on the plate.

Broughton had shown motley at the beginning of the at-bat, but took turns later. Then, inexplicably, Broughton – the league’s second-best hitter with an average of 0.405 – dropped a bunt.

It hit the hill hard and the Connor Dand mug held it tight. As inexplicable as the fun was that on contact, Pacheco broke home and was hung up to dry. Halfway through he tried to apply the brakes, injured his knee and sagged to the floor, and Dand pulled him out easily.

Oh wow Broughton bunts on 1-2 and Pacheco appears to hurt his knee as he hangs up

2 outs, 1 & 2… game suspended due to injury

– StandardEx Raptors (@RaptorsSE) September 12, 2021

With 24 homers in his name, Goldfarb was deliberately given a walk to load the bases with two outs. Abbadessa, acquired in the second half with Great Falls as one of the league’s better position players, struck on three pitches. And the game went on.

After an uneventful 11th, Rivero hit the center with an infield single against Raptors reliever Kida De La Cruz to lead the top of the 12th. Mark Mixon relieved De La Cruz and uncorked a wild pitch that sent Rivero to second base.

Mixon defeated Galindo, but in a fight that lasted a long at-bat to the full count, Enriquez played a simple single to the center, scoring Rivero for an 8-7 Boise lead.

With 1 out in the lower 12th, Dixon pulled a walk and Armstrong single to the left. Broughton hopped a screamer off the stern of Savior Mitch Lines and was thrown out first to advance the runners.

That brought up Goldfarb, who was the first to land on the ground to end Ogden’s season.


Before teams and fans paused to remember the 20th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks in New York, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania to begin the game, Dave Baggott, president of the Raptors team, asked for another Gesture.

It was the same two teams that opened the season on May 22nd at Lindquist Field, ushering in a new, independent era for the Pioneer League. That night, Baggott spoke over the public address system to acknowledge the status of these players and the league: Left behind by Major League Baseball and its urge to remove affiliate baseball from dozens of American cities, but still play for the love of the game and with the dream of finding the way back to connected baseball.

Baggott realized these facts again on Saturday night as the two teams met behind home plate to shake hands and congratulate each other on a successful season.

Then they paused for 11 seconds with the crowd to commemorate the victims of 9/11, and Brent and Richard Hales played a beautiful rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner on violin and guitar.

Both teams then paused for a moment of silence of 11 seconds, then a beautiful rendition of the national anthem was played on a violin and guitar.

– StandardEx Raptors (@RaptorsSE) September 12, 2021


Missoula and Boise will battle it out for the 2021 championship in the Pioneer League’s first independent season. Ogden is set to play again in May 2022.

The Northern Colorado Owlz, who have moved from Orem, and a team based in Kalispell, Montana, will join the league next season. The 10-team league will bring changes to the division alignment and post-season format yet to be determined.


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