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PROVO, UT, At a time when others in the midsize truck segment are eager to increase their inventory and footprint, Nissan tries hard to stick with a manageable vehicle.

The 2022 model of its Frontier pickup truck is available in either a King Cab configuration or the more popular twin cab configuration to accommodate today’s pickup truck usage.

A driver who only wants two seats and a loading area for transportation has to search far and wide.

What you get in the Frontier is a distinct Nissan look with a bold front end that shares the brand’s updated logo.

Under the hood, where the work is done, is a 3.8 liter V6 engine that was introduced in 2020.

On paper, it’s rated at 310 horsepower and 281 pound-feet of torque. It has been tweaked to make up for the lack of a sport mode often found in many crossovers and SUVs.

So they calibrated the engine and transmission to have a sport mode built in. As a customer, you don’t have to do anything to activate sport mode unless the vehicle senses that you are driving a little more aggressively. It switches to this mode to give you more power when you need it and to keep different gears longer.

This engine is connected to a new nine-speed automatic transmission that handles the torque band from the low end to cruising speed with little effort.

This frontier offers a lot of space in the front seat for passengers of different sizes. There’s plenty of room in the rear for adults, but don’t expect to stretch out in the back.

The inside cabin is not whisper-quiet, but attenuates outside noise to such an extent that conversations can be held without having to shout.

But how much work can it do?

Well the standard bed is six feet long and has built-in work lights for when they are needed.

The top option that we liked is the 115 volt socket in the cargo area, which can be used multiple times.

With an on-demand all-wheel drive system, the Frontier is capable of serious off-road driving like the ones we found in the mountains north of here.

In combination with hill descent and hill climb assistance, the Nissan Frontier felt confident on our way through difficult terrain.

For those who only need two-wheel drive, the Pro X trim level fulfills that need while still offering the rest of the Frontier’s performance and technology.

Our impression of the latest generation Frontier is that Nissan is maintaining the legacy of the original hardbody platform with a lot more style, performance, and technical ability than expected.

Prices for the Nissan Frontier 2022 start at $ 27,840.

Greg Morrison is Executive Producer of Bumper2BumperTV

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