Completed mural in downtown Ogden: “It’s About Us” | Local news

OGDEN – As soon as he started painting, artist David Sepulveda said the good vibes were coming his way.

Since arriving in Ogden about a month ago, he has said, “All I feel is love. All the neighbors who come by here every day and night always smile at us, a few words of the (encouraging) ‘Yo, carry on’. “

Sepulveda – also known as Don Rimx, actually its preferred name – was chosen by the City of Ogden to paint murals on the five blank walls of the city’s parking garages along Grant Avenue in the center of town. The aim of the project, which is part of the wider effort to empower the arts in Ogden, was to beautify the area and add color.

He recently finished work, worked late, sometimes into the wee hours of the morning, and on Thursday city officials and other well-wishers gathered to celebrate the completion of the project. Sepulveda signed one of the five murals on the parking garages north and south of 23rd Street along Grant Avenue, and the city’s art officials praised him and his work.

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