Frustrated MP warns of extreme speeds on the streets of Utah

Officials are again warning of the dangers of excessive speeds on the roads of Utah.

Sgt. Of the Utah County Sheriff. Spencer Cannon said he saw a couple of riders on bullet bikes hurtling past him at 115 mph on the Timpanogos Highway near Lehi on Monday.

Cannon said he chose not to pursue her as doing so would violate the department’s guidelines for a speeding violation. But he posted a video on Facebook talking about the dangers of riding a motorcycle at excessive speeds.

Bikers speed over 100 miles per hour on the streets of Utah

“I could see them further ahead than they were, and they passed cars on the right. I didn’t get them on my radar back then, but they looked like they were going at least as fast and maybe faster than I had them on my radar when I was 115, ”Cannon says in the video.

Cannon emphasized the danger of driving at this speed on an urban highway. He said it was likely that a driver would be killed if a car drove in front of their bike or if they bumped into something else at that speed.

“The helmet would only allow them to have an open coffin funeral,” he said.

In the video, Cannon showed the radar display in his patrol vehicle at a speed of 115 mph.

“I wish I knew who they were so I could knock on their door and confiscate their bikes, but I don’t,” Cannon said, wondering if the two drivers were bragging about being on the Timpanogos Highway Got away from the cops.

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