Letter: Drive Safer The Streets of North Ogden | opinion

Last year a driver refused to give in to a pedestrian at a zebra crossing in North Ogden and ran over my daughter. Fortunately, she is not dead and is recovering daily. I understand with great regularity that 3100 N and 1050 E are listed as speed traps in various apps – when the NOPD hands out “awards” for driving 70 mph in a 35 mile zone. Every time I come to an intersection in North Ogden there are always cars that feel the need to overtake on the right.

Oh, yeah, and the 2 in 1 lane squeeze goes uphill on Washington Blvd at 7-11. The National Hot Rod Association would be proud of you all! Then there are the hardcore kamikazes of the left turn … Lots of clever traffic engineers and the fine folks in North Ogden City designed these lanes. If you don’t want left turns in the Lee’s / McDonald’s parking lot, we hope it won’t take a fatality before you get the idea. North Ogden is growing and these traffic measures are not for convenience, but primarily for safety. If that doesn’t suit you, choose a right. And slow!

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