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(KMAland) — The Martin Blog Fall Sports Preview continues today with a look at Class A District 6.


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In Class A District 6, Lynnville-Sully rolled to the district championship with a perfect 6-0 mark while Belle Plaine was right behind them with one loss. And then things were a big chaotic mess. We love chaos over here. Here’s how the district looked:

1. Lynnville-Sully Hawks — 8-2 overall, 6-0 district

2. Belle Plaine Plainsmen — 6-3 overall, 5-1 district

3. Ogden Bulldogs — 4-5 overall, 3-3 district

4. Madrid Tigers — 3-6 overall, 3-3 district

5. Colfax-Mingo Tigerhawks — 3-6 overall, 3-3 district

6. North Mahaska Warhawks — 2-6 overall, 1-5 district

7. Wayne Falcons — 0-8 overall, 0-6 district

Playoff teams in the district ended up going 1-3 in the opening round of the playoffs with Lynnville-Sully advancing to the next round before a loss. 


Belle Plaine: Todd Bohlen (9 postseason appearances)

Colfax-Mingo: Jeff Lietz (2 postseason appearances)

Lynnville-Sully: Michael Parkinson (8 postseason appearances)

Madrid: Brock Hinkel (1 postseason appearance)

North Mahaska: Philip Griffin 

Ogden: Jacob Burger (5 postseason appearances, 2 with River Valley)

Wayne: Justin Peters

Pretty good crop of coaches with plenty of postseason appearances, and that now includes Brock Hinkel, whose late father (Randy) went to 25 during his legendary career at Madrid.


Here are the returning quarterback in the district, sorted by passing yardage in 2021:

1. Conner Maston, SR, Lynnville-Sully: Check it out. The top five quarterbacks (by passing yards) are gone, and the top-returning thrower is the QB from the district champion last year. Maston had 338 yards and four touchdowns for the Hawks, but he only threw it 46 times, leading the district with 16.9 yards per completion.

2. Boudyn White, JR, Wayne: And the only other returning starting quarterback from last season is White, who had 135 yards passing and a touchdown during his sophomore season.

So, only two returning quarterbacks. Let’s see if we can guess on who will lead the other five teams.

•Belle Plaine: With Ben DeMeulenaere gone and graduated, senior Cejay Mumby might very well be the guy. He threw just two passes last year (for 24 yards), but he seems to be the next in line.

•Colfax-Mingo: Colfax-Mingo is the top throwing team in the district, so you know they are going to need someone to steer the ship. Junior Cael Bracewell threw the ball one time last year, but he was listed as a tight end. The two that were listed at QB that will be back this year are junior Joe Earles and sophomore Shane Hostetter. Could be one of those guys.

•Madrid: Brady Leonard has graduated, and it might be time for a young sophomore by the name of Preston Wicker to take over. He is the only other player on the Tigers roster that threw the ball more than once and is back this year.

•North Mahaska: North Mahaska has graduated Sam Terpstra, and there was only one other player that threw at least one pass last year. That was senior Nash Smith, but he was listed as a wide receiver. Three names to potentially know that were listed as a QB on Bound: senior P.J. Stout and sophomores Lucas Nunnikoven and Hunter Wernil.

•Ogden: Lane Snedden was the No. 2 passer in the district last year, and he has graduated. The two players other than Snedden that put the ball in the air are both listed as wide receivers. That’s senior Jack Christensen and junior Keaton Westberg. Those that did have the QB listing: juniors Colby Rohe and Carsen Moorman and sophomore Taylor Boothroyd.


Here are the returning leading rushers in the district, sorted by rushing yardage in 2021:

1. Corder Noun Harder, JR, Lynnville-Sully: Might be one of the best names I’ve come across. The top running back in the district is back after goign for 1,350 yards and 15 touchdowns while averaging 10 yards per carry.

2. Kyle Squires, SR, Lynnville-Sully: And the No. 2 returning back is also a member of the defending district champs. Squires had 808 yards and 13 touchdowns while also averaging 7.5 yards per carry.

3. Connor Timm, SR, Belle Plaine: Ranking No. 4 on the rushing list last season in the district, Timm pops up to No. 3 after rushing for 638 yards and nine touchdowns.

4. Ty Alcott, SO, Belle Plaine: A strong debut season for Alcott, who rushed for 547 yards and two touchdowns on just 97 carries as a freshman.

5. Boudyn White, JR, Wayne: The top-returning rusher for the Falcons is their QB. White had 425 yards and six touchdowns on the season.

6. Corydon Kiefer, JR, Wayne: You might recognize the last name when it comes to running the football. Kiefer had a solid season with 395 yards and a touchdown as a sophomore.

7. Brooks DeMeulenaere, SR, Belle Plaine: Speaking of familiar last names, how could you miss this one? Brooks had 364 yards and three touchdowns while averaging 8.5 yards per carry last year.

8. Paul DeJong, SR, North Mahaska: Not the St. Louis Cardinals shortstop. DeJong had a solid year with 342 yards and a touchdown on the ground in 2021.

9. Jeremy Reineke, JR, Belle Plaine: They can hit you from a lot of different angles it appears. Reineke had a solid year, too, with 328 yards and four touchdowns last fall.

10. Maxwell Mintle, JR, Lynnville-Sully: Mintle hit for 300 yards and a touchdown on just 41 carries, averaging 7.3 yards per carry.

Others with over 100 yards returning to the league:

11. Conner Maston, SR, Lynnville-Sully: 233 yards rushing, 4 TD

12. Merritt McConeghey, JR, Colfax-Mingo: 150 yards rushing, 4 TD

13. Nathan Comer, JR, Ogden: 144 yards rushing, 2 TD (10.3 YPC)


Here are the returning leading receivers in the district, sorted by receiving yardage in 2021:

1. Curtis Horras, JR, Colfax-Mingo: As previously mentioned, Colfax-Mingo is going to throw the ball around a bit. And Horras led the district with 696 yards receiving last year. He also had a district-high six touchdowns on 33 grabs, averaging 21.1 yards per reception.

2. Jack Christensen, SR, Ogden: Christensen was second in the district last year with 614 yards receiving, but he led the league with 45 receptions. He scored three touchdowns.

3. Nash Smith, SR, North Mahaska: Smith also had a great year of receiving in ranking third in the district with 561 yards. He finished with 38 receptions and three touchdowns.

4. Dylan Perdue, SR, Ogden: Perdue pulled in 20 receptions for 323 yards and two touchdowns a year ago.

5. Cael Pearson, SR, Ogden: Whoever is throwing the ball around in Ogden this year, they will have some weapons. Pearson had 309 yards and three touchdowns on 29 grabs.

6. Trey Hockemeier, JR, Colfax-Mingo: Listed as a running back, Hockemeier had 25 receptions for 235 yards and two touchdowns.

7. Cael Bracewell, JR, Colfax-Mingo: The top-returning tight end in the district, Bracewell finished out his sophomore season with 32 re options for 230 yards and a touchdown.

8. Jacob Kockler, SR, Madrid: The top receiver for the Tigers, Kockler had 11 grabs for 187 yards and three touchdowns.

9. Hunter Meeks, SR, Ogden: Yet another Bulldogs standout returning as a top receiver, Meeks had 9 grabs for 170 yards and a touchdown.

10. Ethan Huffman, SR, North Mahaska: Huffman pulled in nine receptions for 168 yards and two touchdowns in averaging 18.7 yards per catch.

Others returning with over 100 yards receiving:

11. Bryce Richards, SR, Lynnville-Sully: 4 receptions, 142 yards, 2 TD

12. Strait Jacobsen, SR, Wayne: 11 receptions, 126 yards, TD

13. Connor Timm, SR, Belle Plaine: 8 receptions, 114 yards, TD

14. Cejay Mumby, SR, Belle Plaine: 5 receptions, 109 yards, TD

15. Nate Jones, SR, Colfax-Mingo: 7 receptions, 105 yards

16. Jaydon Tucker, SR, Madrid: 8 receptions, 105 yards, TD


Here are the returning leading defensive standouts in the district, sorted by total tackles in 2021:

1. Kyle Squires, SR, Lynnville-Sully: Best two-way player in the district? Squires led the district last season with 69.0 total tackles and had 5.5 tackles for loss along with two fumble recoveries.

2. Nathan Comer, JR, Ogden: Comer was second in the district last season with 64.5 tackles and ended up with 4.0 tackles for loss among those. He also had two fumble recoveries.

3. Lane Fisk, SR, Lynnville-Sully: Fisk was also a key defender for the Hawks, finishing out his junior year with 59.5 tackles, 6.5 tackles for loss and two interceptions.

4. Nash Ramirez, JR, Madrid: Another star linebacker coming back after a big season, Ramirez had 58.5 tackles and 2.0 tackles for loss.

5. Cohl Burdette, JR, Ogden: Burdette tied for sixth in the district last year with 51.5 tackles and also posted 2.0 tackles for loss.

5. Chase Wickwire, SR, Belle Plaine: Belle Plaine’s top tackler is also back with 6.0 tackles for loss among 51.5 tackles.

7. Joe Earles, JR, Colfax-Mingo: The top tackling safety in the district, Earles had a big year with 47.0 tackles as a sophomore. 

7. Merritt McConeghey, JR, Colfax-Mingo: McConeghey tied for the team lead in tackles last year with Earles, also finishing with 47.0 tackles while adding 4.0 tackles for loss and two fumble recoveries.

9. Jack Christensen, SR, Ogden: Another safety among the top 10 returning tacklers, Christensen finished the year with 46.5 tackles, 1.0 TFL and three interceptions.

10. Conner Maston, SR, Lynnville-Sully: And the top 10 rounds out with another defensive back in Maston, who finished with 46.0 total tackles and 1.0 TFL. He also tied for the league lead with four interceptions.

11. Keaton Westberg, JR, Ogden: The top-returning tackling defensive end in the district, Westberg had a big year with 7.5 tackles for loss and 2.5 sacks among 42.0 total tackles. He also had two fumble recoveries.

12. Tristan Miller, SR, Madrid: From one DL to another, Miller had 40.0 tackles and 6.0 tackles for loss during his junior fall.

13. Jacob Kockler, SR, Madrid: Kockler ended up with 37.5 tackles and added 2.0 TFLs during the 2021 season. He also had a pair of interceptions.

14. Corydon Kiefer, JR, Wayne: Kiefer was Wayne’s top tackler least season, posting 37.5 tackles, 4.0 tackles for loss and 1.0 sack.

15. Boudyn White, JR, Wayne: White wasn’t too far behind Kiefer, finishing out with 35.5 tackles, 4.0 tackles for loss and even 3.0 sacks.

16. Trey Hockemeier, JR, Colfax-Mingo: Hockemeier was listed as a safety last season and ended up with 34.5 tackles.

17. Mathias Torres, SR, Lynnville-Sully: Torres had a strong season in opponent’s backfields with 6.5 tackles for loss and 1.5 sacks among 33.0 total tackles.

18. Ben Johannes, SR, North Mahaska: The top-returning tackler for the Warhawks, Johannes had 32.5 tackles with 3.0 tackles for loss.

19. Tristan Mallory, SR, Madrid: Add another Tristan along the all-district defensive line. Mallory was terrific last year with 8.5 tackles for loss among 32.0 total tackles.

20. Wyatt Van Weelden, SR, North Mahaska: And the top 20 finishes with another defensive end. Van Weelden posted 30.5 tackles and 1.5 tackles for loss.

Here’s a look at the other defensive players returning that had at least 2.0 TFL, 2 INT and/or 2 FR:

•Maxwell Mintle, JR, Lynnville-Sully: 24.5 tackles, 6.0 TFL, 1.0 sack, 2 FR

•Alex Wilson, SR, Ogden: 27.0 tackles, 5.0 TFL, 1.0 sack

•Bryce Richards, SR, Lynnville-Sully: 26.0 tackles, 4.5 TFL

•Ashton Meland, SR, North Mahaska: 18.5 tackles, 4.5 TFL

•Preston Wicker, SO, Madrid: 23.5 tackles, 4.0 TFL, 3.0 sacks

•Jeremy Reineke, JR, Belle Plaine: 26.5 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 2 FR

•Jack Schwenn, SR, Belle Plaine: 16.0 tackles, 3.5 TFL, 2.0 sacks

•CJ Nikkel, JR, Lynnville-Sully: 15.5 tackles, 3.0 TFL, 2.0 sacks

•Cutler Buban, SO, Wayne: 22.0 tackles, 2.5 TFL, 1.0 sack

•Nik Bolton, JR, Ogden: 11.5 tackles, 2.0 TFL

•Hunter Meeks, SR, Ogden: 12.5 tackles, 2.0 TFL, 1.0 sack

•Owen Scrivner, JR, Ogden: 14.0 tackles, 2.0 TFL

•Carter Sinclair, SO, Wayne: 4.0 tackles, 2.0 TFL

•Brooks DeMeulenaere, SR, Belle Plaine: 2 FR

•Kale Munson, SR, Ogden: 2 FR

•Caleb Rea, SR, Lynnville-Sully: 4 INT

•Nash Smith, SR, North Mahaska: 4 INT

•Caydon Tucker, SR, Madrid: 2 INT


•Trey Hockemeier, JR, Colfax-Mingo: 360 KR yards (15.0 PER)

•Connor Timm, SR, Belle Plaine: 200 KR yards (25.0 PER)

•Corder Noun Harder, JR, Lynnville-Sully: 183 KR yards (36.6 PER), KR TD; 215 PR yards (15.4 PER), PR TD

•Jack Christensen, SR, Ogden: 126 KR yards (12.6 PER)

•Jacob Kockler, SR, Madrid: 119 KR yards (14.9 PER)

•Cael Pearson, SR, Ogden: 111 KR yards (11.1 PER)

•Strait Jacobsen, SR, Wayne: 107 KR yards (26.8 PER)

•Matthew Samuelson, JR, Ogden: 22/30 PAT

•Curtis Horras, JR, Colfax-Mingo: 21/23 PAT, 3/4 FG (32 LONG)

•Kyzer Springer, JR, Madrid: 19/24 PAT, 1/1 FG (32 LONG), 1 TB

•Lucas Sieck, JR, Lynnville-Sully: 14/18 PAT

•Keaton Westberg, JR, Ogden: 1228 PUNT yards (36.1 PER)

•Kyzer Springer, JR, Madrid: 610 PUNT yards (25.4 PER)

•Corydon Kiefer, JR, Wayne: 488 PUNT Yards (25.7 PER)

•Conner Maston, SR, Lynnville-Sully: 528 PUNT yards (31.1 PER)


Belle Plaine (5): Ty Alcott (2nd), Jeremy Reineke (HM), Jack Schwenn (2nd), Connor Timm (1st), Chase Wickwire (1st)

Colfax-Mingo (3): Trey Hockemeier (2nd), Curtis Horras (1st 2x), Merritt McConeghey (HM)

Lynnville-Sully (6): Lane Fisk (1st), Conner Maston (1st & 2nd), Max Mintle (2nd), Corder Noun Harder (Offensive MVP), Kyle Squires (1st), Mathias Torres (1st)

Madrid (6): Jacob Kockler (1st), Jake Leonard (HM), Tristan Mallory (1st), Tristan Miller (2nd), Nash Ramirez (2nd), Caydon Tucker (2nd)

North Mahaska (4): Paul DeJong (HM), Ashton Meland (1st), Nash Smith (1st), Wyatt Van Weelden (2nd)

Ogden (9): Nik Bolton (2nd), Cohl Burdette (HM), Jack Christensen (1st), Nathan Comer (2nd), Cael Pearson (2nd), Dylan Perdue (1st), Matthew Samuelson (2nd), Keaton Westberg (2nd), Alex Wilson (HM)

Wayne (4): Cutler Buban (HM), Strait Jacobsen (2nd), Corydon Kiefer (2nd), Boudyn White (HM)


QB: Conner Maston, SR, Lynnville-Sully

RB: Corder Noun Harder, JR, Lynnville-Sully

RB: Kyle Squires, SR, Lynnville-Sully

WR: Curtis Horras, JR, Colfax-Mingo

WR: Jack Christensen, SR, Ogden

WR: Nash Smith, SR, North Mahaska

OL: Tristan Mallory, SR, Madrid

OL: Tristan Miller, SR, Madrid

OL: Nik Bolton, JR, Ogden

OL: Jack Schwenn, SR, Belle Plaine

OL: Chase Wickwire, SR, Belle Plaine

DL: Keaton Westberg, JR, Ogden

DL: Tristan Miller, SR, Madrid

DL: Tristan Mallory, SR, Madrid

DL: Ashton Meland, SR, North Mahaska

LB: Kyle Squires, SR, Lynnville-Sully

LB: Nathan Comer, JR, Ogden

LB: Lane Fisk, SR, Lynnville-Sully

DB: Joe Earles, JR, Colfax-Mingo

DB: Jack Christensen, SR, Ogden

DB: Conner Maston, SR, Lynnville-Sully

DB: Jacob Kockler, SR, Madrid

RET: Corder Noun Harder, JR, Lynnville-Sully

K: Curtis Horras, JR, Colfax-Mingo

P: Keaton Westberg, JR, Ogden


This is not my prediction. This is formulaic: 2021 district wins + # of returning standouts listed above + all-district returnees + preseason all-district. In Class A District 6 it looks like this:

1. Lynville-Sully & Ogden (36)

3. Madrid (25)

4. Belle Plaine (23)

5. Colfax-Mingo (19)

6. North Mahaska & Wayne (14)

Thoughts: Lynnville-Sully is the favorite, and there should be no doubt about that. No matter what The Formula says. However, I do think The Formula is on to something when it comes to Ogden. They seem to be well-experienced and talented with a lot returning from last year’s state playoff team. Speaking of playoffs, The Formula believes it will be the same four teams as last year, although maybe not in the same order. We’ll see soon enough.

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