MyHive Global introduces virtual workspace for global companies

New technology platform shows a virtual real office environment and culture that promotes engagement, satisfaction and work performance of remote employees

PROVO, Utah, September 15, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – MyHive Global ( today launched MyHive, a SaaS platform that enables businesses of all sizes to remote and Providing hybrid employees with a virtual, real office environment and culture that drives employee engagement, satisfaction, and performance.

MyHive Global was co-founded by Dano Ybarra, serial entrepreneur, author and Apple and Adobe veteran and has set itself the task of digitally empowering companies that – after COVID-19 – need to offer a progressive and innovative way of working in the office but in a virtual way. The technology offers an experience where employees work together, train, meet and work together effectively, socially and productively, and work with a sense of functionality in a real, stationary office space.

According to Ybarra, “MyHive has developed a radically innovative approach to virtual workplaces using a highly customizable SaaS technology platform that enables global companies to design their own unique office structure to suit the individual work and social needs of their employees. “. Our company consists of a top-class cast of business leaders, technology visionaries, HR practitioners and some of the world’s most experienced and accomplished entrepreneurs and industry veterans who are passionate about paving the way for companies that support virtual teams. “

Remote working has increased due to the pandemic and has become the norm for millions of employees worldwide. Global companies are faced with personnel hurdles and are trying to find the right balance between people, process and technology in order to increase corporate success in the hybrid and remote workplace. Human capital and business considerations are high priorities. This means the solution for:

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  • Psychological effects of isolation and loneliness of employees due to the pandemic;

  • Lack of team spirit and burnout from excessive, formal video conference meetings;

  • Difficulty aligning calendars and meetings;

  • Lack of control over hours worked and other HR issues around the world;

  • Lack of spontaneity and collaboration “in the office” similar to “water cooler” discussions etc;

  • Inability of management to understand who is doing what, when, where and how to help;

  • Technology needs for essential remote collaboration tools.

MyHive addresses these considerations by providing a virtual, real-world screen representation of any unique physical office space where employees can sit at their desks with colleagues within specific teams, regardless of where they physically are. MyHive’s proprietary technology enables employees to naturally collaborate with tools such as audio, video, screen sharing, and chat without having to learn or purchase third-party tools such as Zoom, Slack, and others. Employees are represented on the screen by avatars, the status of which is reflected in real time, so that they can interact with one another with a click of the mouse. The visual aspect enables management and colleagues to understand at a glance what each team and individual is doing.

“MyHive Global equips global companies with the most advanced and innovative technology in the industry that enables remote workers to work ‘in the office’ but in a virtual way.”

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Global companies advancing their company’s work journey can experience MyHive HERE. Those interested in learning more about MyHive Global can visit MyHive News HERE or contact MyHive Sales at (917) 338-2871 or [email protected]

About MyHive Global
MyHive Global helps companies to convey a real office culture and work performance to their employees in a virtual environment. With its interactive platform, MyHive gives employees the opportunity to brainstorm, meet, meet and talk to colleagues and even take a coffee or water cooler break – just like in a real office. Fully customizable based on the unique needs of any size or type of business, the floor plans provide the look and feel of real offices and personalized workspaces that encourage meaningful employee engagement, collaboration and productivity. MyHive was co-founded by Apple and Adobe veteran and serial entrepreneur Dano Ybarra, is backed by leading industrial investors and is headquartered in Provo, Utah, with international offices in Brazil.

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