Officials see a surge in vandalism at Vernals Moonshine Arch

Officials have seen an increase in vandalism at Vernal’s Moonshine Arch. Courtesy Photo: Visit Dinosaur Land

VERNAL, Utah, April 21, 2020 (Gephardt Daily) – Officials have noted an increase in vandalism at Vernal’s Moonshine Arch.

A Visit Dinosaurland Facebook post stated, “There has been a surge in vandalism and graffiti at Moonshine Arch recently. These photos show how the acts of fewer people can damage something that belongs to all of us.

“When you visit places like Moonshine Arch, please do your part to ensure that future visitors can enjoy it too. Don’t leave anything but footprints. Don’t do anything but photos. Keep nothing but memories. “

The graffiti contains the names “Brandy”, “Gus”, “Tim”, “Vee”, the initials “R&J” and the date “04/08/20”.

Anyone with information about the graffiti is asked to call the Bureau of Land Management Green River District Office at 435-781-4400.

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