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The Ogden Raptors led their winning streak to six games with another pair of seven-inning wins in a double header against the Rocky Mountain Vibes in Colorado Springs on Sunday.

The Raptors go to a six-game sweep in a full nine-inning game at 12:30 pm on Monday. They beat the vibes by 56-13 points in five games (in 37 innings instead of the regular 45 due to two days of double headers).

In the race for the South Division second half Pioneer League title, Grand Junction led Boise to come back within two games. There are four more games to go in the regular season and GJ and Boise are playing for the Ogden division playoff game on Saturday September 11th in Ogden.


In Sunday’s first game, Reza Aleaziz hit 4 2/3 goalless relief innings, struck five, and allowed five hits to claim the win for Ogden.

Ogden had 10 hits, all singles, drew six walks and three batters were hit by pitches. Infielder Andy Armstrong had two RBIs and catcher Kyle Kaufman had two hits.

The Raptors were leading 4-3 after three innings, finishing the game three runs in fifth when Nick Michaels met on a wild pitch, Reese Alexiades with a groundout from David Maberry and Pavin Parks with a double steal with Raul Shah second.


Niko Pacheco drove in two runs, Reese Alexiades had two hits and scored three runs, and Dom Abbadessa scored 3 for 4 and scored a pair of runs when Ogden overcame a 3-1 deficit after the first inning to still comfortably win .

The Raptors were leading 6-4, scoring three runs with two outs in the sixth inning when Alexiades tripled in Troy Dixon, Pacheco made Alexiades singles and Pacheco faced a mistake after a single from Andy Armstrong.

Due to discrepancies in the unfinalized boxing score and game-by-game information available at the end of the game, it is unclear who actually served for Ogden in the second game.


Ogden 9, Rocky Mountain 3

Ogden 9, Rocky Mountain 4

Big Junction 8, Boise 6

Billings 10, Idaho Falls 7

Missoula 8, Great Falls 5


Second half – 4 games left


* Missoula 26-18 … 61-31 overall

Settlements 25-19 … 43-39

Idaho Falls 21-13 … 55-37

Great Falls 20-24 … 39-53


Boise 26-18 … 46-46

Large intersection 24-20… 50-41

* Ogden 23-21 … 52-40

Rocky Mountain 11-33 … 21-70

* – 1st half champions


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