Superheroes and villains come together at Big Lick Comic-Con at the Berglund Center in Roanoke

ROANOKE, Virginia. – From zombies to superheroes, thousands of people dressed up for Big Lick Comic-Con on Sunday.

Shuffling one by one to Roanoke’s Berglund Center, people of all ages waited in line to step into a new universe.

Disguised as Soul Eater Evans, Jake Foley and Brandon Motter welcomed each other with open arms.

“When you see someone dressed the way you are dressed, it just yells, ‘Hey, you know what I like,'” said Motter. “And it just brings us together, and this bond is just bigger for us.”

Skyeewalker dressed up as Maka Albarn for her fourth visit to Big Lick Comic-Con and said she feels at home every time she comes.

“It’s just a hotspot for every type of person,” she said. “Whatever you fancy, you are welcome here.”

A big moment for three-year-old Keegan when he met the reflection of his favorite superhero Flash.


While fanatics flipped through the pile of comics, others didn’t miss the opportunity to snap a picture with some of the movie stars. JD Sutphin, owner of Big Lick Entertainment, said the event will give celebrities an opportunity to learn more about Roanoke.

“The best part was not only seeing them meet people, but seeing them drive around town and see some of the cool things we have to offer and just see how cool Roanoke is,” said Sutphin.

Arriving from Lynchburg, a group of Ghostbusters said the Roanoke event saves them a lot of money.

“For a few moments, you can put your passion and love into something you’ve always wanted to build,” said Alan Provo. “And we could finally get together and do it.”

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