Superior Drilling Products (SDPI) rose 60.55% in active trading on September 30

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SDPI – Market Data & News

Superior Drilling Products Inc (NYSE: SDPI), a Vernal, Utah company, rose to $ 1.75 on Thursday after gaining $ 0.66 (60.55%) on a volume of 35,327,096 shares. The stock ranged from a high of $ 1.82 to a low of $ 1.13, while Superior Drilling Products’ market cap is now at $ 45,084,099.

About Superior Drilling Products Inc

Superior Drilling Products, Inc. is an innovative, state-of-the-art drilling tool technology company providing cost-effective solutions that increase production efficiency for the oil and gas drilling industry. The company develops, produces, repairs and sells drilling tools. SDP drilling solutions include the patented Drill-N-Ream® well conditioning tool and the patented Strider ™ oscillation system technology. In addition, SDP is a manufacturer and processor of PDC drill bits (polycrystalline diamond compact) for a leading oil field service company. SDP operates a state-of-the-art drilling tool manufacturing facility where it manufactures its solutions for the drilling industry as well as custom products. The company’s growth strategy is to leverage its expertise in drilling tool technology and innovative precision machining to expand its product offering and solutions for the oil and gas industry.

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The New York Stock Exchange is the largest exchange in the world by market value at over $ 26 trillion. It is also a leader in initial public offerings of $ 82 billion in 2020, including six of the seven largest technology deals. 63% of SPAC’s 2020 revenue was raised on the NYSE, including the six largest deals.

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