The developers of American Truck Simulator bring a lot of water to Wyoming

On the way to the eventual release of the upcoming Wyoming DLC ​​for American Truck Simulator, updates will appear again and again. The latest version describes some of the water features you can visit as you tour the highways and back roads of Equality State in the next expansion for the truck game.

Wyoming’s natural waterways are mostly made up of rivers, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a share of lakes. In this case, however, they are mainly artificial reservoirs created by large dams along rivers. You can take a look at some of these impressive terrain features, as developer SCS Software demonstrated in a recent update on Steam.

One of the most impressive new attractions is the Flaming Gorge Dam, which is actually in the northeast corner of Utah on the southern border of Wyoming. The thin arch concrete dam is built on the Green River and forms the Flaming Gorge Reservoir, which is Wyoming’s largest at 91 miles in length. When the DLC arrives, you can take US Highway 191 over the top of the dam and look out over its south side of the Green River far below from a vantage point above.

Also featured in the Wyoming DLC ​​is Boysen Dam, as well as some of Wyoming’s natural lakes – Bear Lake and Wind River Lake, to be precise. The developers explain that while you can’t get out to sit at the picnic tables on Wind River Lake, you can take a screenshot while enjoying a snack at your desk.

“You won’t be able to swim in the waters so just focus on delivering goods and basking in the splendor of Wyoming’s natural beauty,” says SCS Software. We think that sounds good. There’s no release date for the Wyoming DLC ​​yet, so let’s settle for those watery screens for now.

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