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CHARACTERISTIC – Since teeth are one of the most stressed organs in the human body, they must be cared for with the highest priority. Our recklessness often neglects our oral health in eating habits and hygiene routines.

Our general well-being depends on our dental hygiene. A single shred of bacteria can put our whole body at risk, as many organs are affected by the bacterial deposits in our teeth.

The subject of dental health encompasses the overall condition of our gums, salivary glands, lips, tongue, ligaments, oral tissue and masticatory muscles. It means to be free from incessant pain in the mouth and face, mouth and throat tumors, injuries to the delicate tissues of the mouth and craniofacial tissues.

Dental care is often neglected at a young age and dental health deteriorates with adulthood and mostly with old age. Today, many seniors in the United States face oral health issues that affect their overall health. There are numerous medical facilities across the country that provide dental care for seniors, either for a fee or for free.

Importance of Dental Health

Seniors are more likely than teenagers to fall into the trap of oral health malfunction. Because after retirement, they find it difficult and unnecessary to take advantage of dental care and medical check-ups. Second, they often have an inadequate and unbalanced appetite due to pain, and tooth loss is inevitable. This minor health neglect can be a driving force behind many other chronic dental and general health problems.

Good dental health affects a person’s overall health and wellbeing. Painful tooth decay and bleeding gums are signs of deterioration in dental and overall health. Children need to be educated about the importance of oral hygiene so that they are not confronted with chronic tooth decay or tooth loss at an early age. Recent reports suggest a link between strokes, cardiovascular disease, breathing problems, and periodontal disease with dental health.

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Dental diseases start with the onset of plaques that build up in teeth if not cleaned properly. This creates bacteria that can be harmful to the entire body function, as these bacteria reach various organs of the body such as the heart or lungs via the bloodstream. These bacteria become a hard base that collects at the base of the teeth, inflaming the gums, and causing painful swelling and bleeding. Daily brushing is necessary for oral hygiene; otherwise, these bacteria will thicken into black substances like tartar and cause multiple infections.

Cavities are also an issue that lead to holes in the hard tooth substance. Tooth decay can rot the teeth at a young age; this is how one becomes completely toothless in old age. So, if you want to own some teeth in old age, paying attention to dental health is a must.

Studies have also shown a link between diabetes and dental infections. Diabetics are more prone to tooth decay, gum infections, and tooth decay. This also puts a person’s general health at risk.

Some tips to improve your dental health

  • It is advisable to brush your teeth with nutrient-rich toothpaste, such as fluoride toothpaste, twice a day.
  • Using dental floss can prevent bacteria or food debris from building up; Hence, it can be done at home or in a dental clinic.
  • The best way to keep your teeth healthy is to visit the dentist regularly. Dental check-ups can be very helpful, as the dentist can advise you if a disease occurs or on preventive measures.
  • Diabetics should see a dentist immediately if they experience slight pain, swelling or bleeding gums.

Government bodies

In the United States, the government has developed free health, dental, and insurance plans for high-level government agencies through which clinics, charities, and nonprofits provide comprehensive medical and dental care. These dental and medical care facilities are free and quality assured, with special attention paid to the health of the elderly.

The seniors can apply for government funded health programs that suit their state of health: a prestigious government free health and dental health organization. Medicare provides dental care assistance for the elderly.

The public health service is like free health insurance with extensive and extensive medical and dental facilities and grants. It was founded by the US government in 1965. This program is aimed at seniors, adolescents and other patients with chronic illnesses and disabilities. Seniors can enroll in this program and apply for Medicare Medical and Dental facilities for 50% and more benefits.

The Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program is a database of specialists and doctors who act as advisors. They also help seniors understand the importance of medical care, dental health, insurance plans, and billing processes. Many other such plans can be of great help to seniors.

In addition, each county’s dental chambers can provide accessible dental care, dental exams, and dental medication to those enrolled.

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