This Is The Worst School District In Utah


Every child is born under unique circumstances. And it is these various social, family, economic, environmental and many other factors that contribute to who they become. While there are myriad of these conditions, a handful of factors play a paramount role in a child’s development and the likelihood of future success – including academic success.

Whether or not a child is academically successful can largely depend on the quality of the school. A student who falls behind in one school district may have excelled academically in another. Not just in the classroom, many of the strongest influences on a child’s future lie in the home environment and the resources available or lacking there.

The Uintah School District in eastern Utah is considered the worst district in the state, in part due to circumstances outside of the classroom. Children of parents with a university degree are more likely to do well at school than children with parents with a lower degree. In the Uintah County, only 15.8% of adults have a bachelor’s degree or higher, less than half that of 33.3% of all in Utah.

According to the Niche School District Review website, the school system itself does not do well in a number of key categories, including academics, resources and facilities, and clubs and activities.

The four metrics used to determine the worst school district in each state are: child poverty rate, teacher-to-student ratio, spending per student, and the percentage of adults with college degrees. All data comes from the US Census Bureau and the National Center for Education Statistics. This is the worst school district in any state.

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