Travel and Tourism Aids in Addams Family 2 Movie Trailer

Part of the commercial was filmed in Firehole Canyon and offers several majestic views of the Flaming Gorge.

FRESHWATER COUNTY – Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism (SWCTT) recently partnered with Go RVing to direct a commercial for the movie Addams Family 2.

The commercial was filmed in Firehole Canyon in Flaming Gorge in Sweetwater County, Wyoming. Travel and tourism assisted in exploring the site and mapping and measuring the shooting specifications.

“Firehole Canyon in Flaming Gorge was the perfect place to shoot this commercial,” said Jenissa Meredith, executive director of Sweetwater County Travel and Tourism. “With the stunning rock formations, beautiful waters off the coast of Swim Beach, and the All-American Road leading to the location, we knew it would meet expectations for this fun and spooky commercial.”

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Check out the finished product below.

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