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Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard Examiner

“I have voted before, but recently, I am not familiar with the current election that is going on for the city. I voted presidential and I feel like I care more about that more … I have been so busy with school. I haven’t had the time to look further into it.” — Kayla Shirley, Ogden

“I have not had an opportunity to review the topics for both local and presidential. Have I voted before, yes. However, I do believe that both are important. Currently, I am putting more emphasis right now on local.” — Sven Larsen, Roy

“I have not voted in the past. … I was too young to vote before, and I am too busy with school now, but I will plan on voting in the future, mainly presidential elections.” — Ciara Stettler, Roy

“I haven’t really had the time. I haven’t voted before.” — Emily Palmer, Ogden

“Honestly, the biggest issue would be the fact that I am not as involved as I should be. I do not know. I should keep up more, but I have been taking a step back letting everyone have their opinions and then I just live life and stuff. I would probably say, a little too busy and then also I studied International Studies in college at The University of Utah, and the biggest thing that I learned from that is people can never come to an agreement, especially in politics. And, sure, you can try and make a difference, you can try and vote, but at the end of the day your vote is only going to go so far. I guess in college I got a little bit of a pessimistic standpoint on that.” — Martine Cao, Salt Lake City

Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard Examiner

Photos and interviews by Adam Rubin, Special to the Standard-Examiner.

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Ciara Stettler

Emily Palmer

Martine Cao


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