Utah coronavirus cases continue to fall, but deaths on the rise

In the past week there has been an increase in more than 20 deaths from COVID-19.

(Trent Nelson | Tribune file photo) Students will line up for COVID-19 tests when they return to Highland High School in Salt Lake City on Monday, February 8, 2021.

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While the number of daily coronavirus infections continues its downward trend, there is a trend that is moving in the opposite direction.

Deaths from COVID-19 are on the rise. There were 83 new deaths in the past week, compared to just 59 the week before.

Vaccinations on the previous day / total vaccinations • 14,243 / 716,536.

As vaccinations continue to surge across the country, Utah announced this week that it will receive the newly authorized Johnson & Johnson version on Wednesday. This particular vaccine only requires one dose and is easier to store compared to the Pfizer and Moderna iterations, which require two doses.

“This is evidence of modern research, science, public health, and medicine. We are in a race to save as many lives as possible with vaccines, “Utah Governor Spencer Cox said in a statement Friday. “This vaccine will do that. Remember that all three vaccines are safe and effective. You can rest assured that each of them will protect you and those around you from COVID-19. “

And since vaccinations are already open to a greater number of people with underlying health conditions, the state will rely on the honor system and not require Utahns to provide evidence of their eligibility. Cox recently recognized that it is possible for people to lie about an underlying disease.

Number of Utahns Received Two Doses • 254,569.

Cases reported on the previous day • 465.

The cases keep falling week after week. In the past seven days, the total number of new cases was 4,500. It stood at 5,441 a week earlier. In the past week there have been no days when the daily number was over 900.

Deaths reported last day • Six – four men, two women.

Three of the men were from Summit Counties, Salt Lake Counties, and Tooele Counties, and were all between 45 and 64 years old; The fourth man was from Utah County and was over 85 years old.

Both women were between 65 and 84 years old. One was from Weber County and the other from Salt Lake County.

Hospital stays reported on the previous day • 203. That is 20 fewer than on Saturday. Of the people currently in hospital, 84 are in intensive care units – five fewer than on Saturday.

Tests Reported Last Day • For the first time 4,365 people were tested. A total of 8,422 people were tested.

Percentage of positive tests • According to the original state method, the rate is 10.7%. That’s less than the seven-day average of 11.6%.

Utah’s new method counts all test results, including repeated tests on the same person. The Sunday rate is now 5.5%, slightly above the seven-day average of 5.2%.

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Total numbers so far • 371,235 cases; 1,935 deaths; 14,695 hospital stays; 2,205,791 people tested.

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