Woman found with over 100 pounds of marijuana on I-15 in Washington County, Utah

WASHINGTON COUNTY, Utah (ABC4) – A Wisconsin woman faces a drug distribution charge after being found in possession of over 100 pounds of marijuana during a traffic stop on I-15, according to the Washington County Police Dept.

On Monday, July 25, a Washington County Police officer observed a black vehicle with Florida license plates traveling behind another vehicle “at an unsafe distance” while going north on I-15 at mile marker 10.

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The officer conducted a traffic stop, and as he approached the front passenger side of the vehicle, he noticed “several large plastic garbage bags” in the back seat.

Next to the tied off garbage bags was reportedly a large gray duffel bag that was “the length of the back seats.”

The officer states that this type of packaging is consistent with that containing large quantities of marijuana, normally smuggled from state to state.

The driver, who has been identified as 18-year-old Shyanna Her, informed police that she did not have a driver’s license with her, but that she had a current out-of-state license from Wisconsin. She then provided a passport to the officer.

During the citation write-up, another officer arrived on scene and deployed a K-9 to conduct a free air sniff of the exterior of the vehicle, which then gave probable cause to search the vehicle.

Upon opening the trunk, the officer found “several other large black trash bags”, which police say contained several individual large vacuum sealed bags of a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana.

The trunk reportedly also contained several duffel bags with more vacuum sealed bags of marijuana inside.

The bags in the back seat were also found to contain marijuana, coming to a total of 112 vacuum sealed bags found throughout the vehicle, each estimated to weigh over one pound for a total weight of 112 pounds.

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Her was placed under arrest for Possession with Intent to Distribute Marijuana, a Third-Degree Felony charge.

No further information is currently available.

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