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Not much can compare to the time-honored, Margherita pizza served straight out of a wood-fired oven. From the expertly charred crust, to the delightfully tangy tomato sauce, and the luxuriously creamy mozzarella cheese – every bite is a symphony of flavor. If you’re lucky, your “pizzaiolo” may even sprinkle your pie with a handful of freshly picked basil leaves. While this is the legend of how pizza began, it has evolved to encompass a variety of styles, shapes, sauces, and toppings. That’s why we created this list. 

We searched all through the US and Canada to find the best spots to savor a slice, whether you prefer thin-crust or deep-dish, red or white sauce, dozens of toppings or just a dusting of cheese. Several pizza spots, like #1-ranked Sapori Di 786 Degrees in Pasadena, California, are beloved for baking their pies in a wood-fired oven imported from Italy. Others, like Toni’s Detroit Style Pizza in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (#9), are paying homage to the square, blue steel pans that historically held automotive parts in Motor City before becoming a vehicle for cooking crispy pizza.

Whether it’s out-of-the-ordinary, organic toppings at B+C Pizza in Laguna Niguel, California (#8); a Southwest twist on New York style pies at My Slice of the Pie Pizzeria in Phoenix, Arizona (#18); or a vegan-inspired secret that’s worth sharing at Secret Pizza Society in Portland, Oregon (#20), there’s something on this list for every pizza lover. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite local pizza spot.

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How we did it: This is an all-time list of the Top Pizza Spots in the US, according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the pizza category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews.

This Pasadena pizzeria takes the number one slot on our Top Pizza Spots list. Locals have lots of love for this highly acclaimed restaurant, and the mastermind behind these masterful pies – self-taught chef Ali Haider. Each pizza is internationally inspired – representing a different country, and the ingredients that make those cultures unique. Yelpers rave about the “Bombay Tikka Masala,” featuring classic Indian spices, and the “El Chapo,” topped with chorizo, cilantro, and other Mexican-influenced flavors. Sapori Di 786 Degrees offers an extensive selection of vegan pies, as well as the option to add a gluten-free crust to any pizza. 

What they’re known for: Gourmet, Neapolitan-style pizzas, inspired by flavors from around the world

Yelpers say: “This restaurant without a doubt makes the best pizza I’ve ever had in my life! I’ve been coming here pretty regularly for over a year now and tried most things on the menu and everything has been so delicious and amazing. The pizzas are a fusion pizza and are inspired by different countries around the world. One thing to note is that the pizzas are not customizable as you can’t add or remove toppings, however, the flavors on everything are excellent as is. Alongside the delicious pizzas, the service here is exceptional. Every time I come, the main chef greets me and offers a drink on the house. You can also tell how passionate they are about their pizza here.” —Zarifa I.

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Say “Ciao” to this fun, fresh eatery serving up authentic Italian food just outside of Boston. Specializing in Neapolitan-style pies, this business moved to the neighborhood in 2015, as the first and only wood-fired pizzeria in Chelsea. Stick to the classics with an order of their “Margherita” pizza, or mix it up with their Shrimp pizza, complete with spicy tomatoes, lemon, and garlic. Be sure to save room for dessert, and sample a slice of their “Nutella Pizza,” topped with strawberries, sliced banana, and mascarpone. 

What they’re known for: Traditional, wood-fired pizzas, hand-crafted pasta dishes, and housemade desserts

Yelpers say: “This is it. This is easily the best Italian restaurant I’ve ever been to. The pizza is SO delicious; the crust is crispy and airy from the bubbles that form within, the sauce is flavorful without being acidic, and the cheese is high quality. I’ve tried multiple places in the greater Boston area but I find myself always craving the margherita from Ciao. Without a doubt, this place is worth a visit and I know I’ll be coming back.” —Ellie C.

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From Naples all the way to New Haven, this trattoria-style restaurant is embracing the recipes of old-world Italy. Although their pizzeria was only established in 2019, each of the Zeneli brothers brings decades of experience in everything from cattle farming, to cheesemaking, to perfecting the art of the perfect pizza dough. With a truly Italian menu featuring classics like “Margherita Pizza,” and the more inventive “Le Pizze Bianche,” or white pizza, there’s something for everyone to enjoy at Zeneli’s. 

What they’re known for: Fresh, housemade cheese, and authentic Italian recipes handed down from generation to generation

Yelpers say: “There’s so much goodness in this place, one thing better than the next!! I could just come here and plow through their entire cheese menu, which is all homemade on site, and with a ton of love. We love this cozy spot, and now that we came back in the winter, we appreciate that they have a few different heated outdoor seating areas as well. A pretty impressive place on a legendary street with legendary competition, Zeneli’s stands out and can hold their own. We look forward to coming back.” —Sally A.

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New York style pizza finds a new home in Nevada. Under new ownership, Smiling with Hope Pizza is committed to connecting the community with delicious food. Choose from a classic, thin crust, or sample their square, Sicilian pizza with a thicker crust. Don’t forget dessert – we hear their cannolis are something you don’t want to miss. 

What they’re known for: New York style pies with hand-stretched pizza dough and customizable toppings

Yelpers say: “My lengthy search for incredible pizza in Reno is over –  Smiling with Hope is the real deal! A taste of home for me and my bf (originally from Brooklyn & NJ). Passed every pizza test in the book – blistered crust, super thin crust, ring of marinara on the edge, lots of basil, ratio of sauce and cheese to crust, and most importantly – no sag at the end when you fold! Absolutely critical. This place has been on my list a long time … we were so excited to bite into every crispy, cheesy slice. This to me proves that good pizza can be made anywhere – and no one can make excuses for not nailing their pies off the bat!” —Jessica F.

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When was the last time you picked up a pizza from a literal wagon? Dixie Pizza Wagon is a one-of-a-kind operation, beloved for its scratchmade menu and reasonable prices. If you’re feeling adventurous, place an order for their “Italian Cowboy” pizza, topped with mozzarella, barbecue bacon, and red onions. Although Dixie Pizza Wagon is carry-out only, Yelpers recommend parking in front of the wagon and chowing down in your car. 

What they’re known for: Handcrafted, wood-fired pizzas served from a family-run wagon on the way to Zion National Park

Yelpers say: “BEST. PIZZA. EVER. Who would have thought that this little hole in the wall would make such delicious pizza?? My friend and I were in the area for a few days to visit Zion National Park, and we came here multiple days in a row, and I am still craving it! The service was friendly, fast, and consistent. The pizzas were creative, fresh, and expertly made. What more could someone want?! As a cherry on top, the prices were extremely reasonable. At about $9 per pizza, the portion was enough for two, and the toppings were generous. I crave the pizza from here all the time now, and I am already looking forward to the next time I can stop by this town to get some pizza.” —Rose H.

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The Cataldo family has been serving the Massapequa community since 1967 at the A&S Pork Store. In 2015, they opened a pizzeria as an extension to their store, along with the acclaimed “Pizzaiolo” Saverio. All of their pies are made according to Neapolitan tradition – using high-quality ingredients like buffalo-milk mozzarella, and San Marzano tomatoes imported straight from Naples. Each pizza is topped with extra-virgin olive oil before being baked in a traditional, wood-fired brick oven at a scorching 850 degrees. 

What they’re known for: Authentic, Italian-style pizzas, imported tomato sauce, and housemade mozzarella cheese

Yelpers say: “This is where you go to get the good stuff. This isn’t the local pizza shop that’s on every corner. Oh no, my friend, this is elite pizza. Each simple ingredient is carefully orchestrated to a mouth watering flavor crescendo. Savor it slowly, sit back and nod silently, yep … they nailed it. I’m coming back to try every version of pizza, and then back again, and again … just go.” —Christopher A.

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This Italian-owned food truck is beloved by locals for its casual atmosphere and handcrafted pies. Don’t let the small menu dissuade you – there’s plenty of tasty offerings to satisfy your pizza cravings. Yelpers recommend sitting under the twinkle lights at the nearby bistro tables, so you can eat your pizza straight out of the oven. 

What they’re known for: Wood-fired, Napolean-style pizzas, and freshly made Italian desserts

Yelpers say: “A little gem. One of the best pizza places I’ve been to. Prepared to perfection. Light, but filling. The ingredients taste super fresh and the coal fired adds an extra touch of crisp. Definitely a must have.” —Elizabeth O.

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8. B+C Pizza, Laguna Niguel, California

From fennel sausage to crispy potatoes, B+C pizza is putting a creative spin on pizza. Along with offering out-of-the-ordinary toppings, this pizzeria near Laguna Beach ensures all of its offerings are completely organic. Can’t decide on just one pie? Opt to split your order down the middle so you can sample two of their tempting pizzas. Don’t forget to take an order of their freshly baked butter and cream cookies to-go. 

What they’re known for: Artisan-style pizza with inventive, organic toppings

Yelpers say: “Paul is the master of the pie. Truly amazing dough/crust with the highest quality ingredients and the perfect amount of sauce (which is to say, a deft hand). His “traditional” pies are absolutely fantastic but what makes Paul at BC Pizza the G.O.A.T. are things like the Spicy Strawberry & Mint or the Poblano Cream Pie. Make your own pizza if you think you got your stuff together, but you are 99% more likely to enjoy one of the combos he has already made.” —Mike K.

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Delicious pizzas come in all shapes and sizes, and some of the best Detroit-style pizza can be found in South Carolina. This family-run pizzeria was started by three Detroit natives – and their restaurant pays homage to their Midwestern roots with Motor City memorabilia, and specialty soda offerings like “Vernor’s” and “Faygo.” Each pizza is baked in an authentic blue steel pizza pan, which leads to a crispy, buttery crust that’s unlike any other type of pizza. 

What they’re known for: Delicious, Detroit-style pizza served in a family-friendly atmosphere 

Yelpers say: “Run, don’t walk! I have to say this is my favorite pizza spot in all of Mt. Pleasant! My husband and I were finally able to get there for lunch yesterday. We each went with getting our own pizza, which was perfect for one with enough to take home. He got pepperoni and I got the veggie and yum! They loaded on the toppings and the cheese and the sauce were delicious. Just typing this review has me thinking about going back there later for dinner!” —Brooke I.

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This Miami pizzeria is a must visit! Napoli 1800 boasts an authentic Italian menu with a large selection of “rosa” (red) and “bianche” (white) pizzas, along with classic pasta dishes and desserts. Menu favorites include the “Capricossa Pizza,” topped with artichokes, mushrooms, ham, and black olives. If you’re craving pizza crust, but in sandwich form, enjoy one of their “Panouzzi” offerings. 

What they’re known for: Neapolitan-style pizza, and an extensive wine and beer list, featuring many Italian favorites

Yelpers say: “Stumbled upon the restaurant by chance and I think I discovered a new hidden gem! We came on a Sunday night and it was pretty packed but they had no problem seating us. It’s a perfect little date night spot. We decided to get a margherita pizza as an appetizer. The pizza is Neapolitan style which I’m a huge fan of. From the first bite you could tell how fresh all the ingredients were. It was cooked perfectly and honestly I can’t wait to go back and try their other pizzas. The pizza itself was bigger than we expected and could have been a meal on its own. It was so good I purposely didn’t finish it to take a slice back home for the next day.” —Nicole F.

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11. A&B Pizza, Seaside, Oregon

Stop by this adorable little spot on the Oregon coast for a hot, fresh pizza. A&B Pizza is a one-man show – not only does Mike Kaffer take your order, but he’ll also make your pie from start to finish. Yelpers rave about the chewy pizza crust, and the delightfully melty housemade mozzarella. Both the menu and operating hours are limited – but if you find yourself in the right place at the right time, Yelpers recommend enjoying your pizza right on the beach. 

What they’re known for: Housemade pies topped with freshly made mozzarella

Yelpers say: “This place is amazing! Seriously some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. The crust is perfectly chewy and bubbly, the mozzarella is the good stuff, the ingredients are nicely distributed – this guy seriously knows what he’s doing! If I lived locally I would go here all the time! What are you even doing with your life if you’re not eating this pizza?!” —Carly R.

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In Forno is dishing up some delicious pizza. New York trained chef and pizzaiolo George Goodman relocated to the Cleveland area in 2009, and he’s been slinging authentic, Italian-style pies ever since. Indeed – this family-run restaurant follows the “Neapolitan Pizza Making Law,” meaning all dough is handmade, and all pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven for 60 or so seconds at 905° F. Menu favorites include the “Popeye,” topped with tomato sauce, spinach, and garlic.

What they’re known for: Traditional, wood-fired pizzas with freshly made dough, and quality ingredients

Yelpers say: “In Forno Pizza is AMAZING! A small group of friends and I stopped by after blueberry picking. We started out by ordering two pizzas – one Margherita and one Four Seasons. We were instantly blown away by how fresh everything tasted. In the end, my group ordered and devoured four pizzas.I usually don’t like pizza crusts, but me and everyone at my table absolutely loved the crust on these pizzas! Fluffy, doughy with the perfect amount of crunch to hold all the deliciously juicy toppings. In Forno Pizza is a hidden gem in Avon and y’all need to try it!” —Monroe C.

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Although this family-owned food truck only opened in 2021, Italia Pasta e Pizza has already made quite the impression on California foodies. Whether you’re ordering the “Diavola” or the “Regina,” don’t forget to add on some fresh burrata in the center of your pie. Savor a slice of this classically made pie, followed by some fresh Tiramisu, and you just might be transported to a busy Neapolitan street. 

What they’re known for: Simple, authentic pizzas made by a family who relocated from the Amalfi Coast to California eight years ago 

Yelpers say: “Italia Pasta e Pizza is heaven in pizza form. Seriously, you guys – do not sleep on this. It’s a stand run by an adorable family from Italy and they make the best Napoletana Pizza in the world. I got pesto with homemade burrata. My husband got the meat lover’s. The crust is perfectly chewy and each and every flavor is fresh and dynamic. We finished our meal with the homemade tiramisu, which was so perfect (and wow, did those ladyfingers pack a kick of espresso!). Just magnifico!” —Melissa L.

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Stop into cozy Lombardo’s for a hot slice of Italian-style pizza, and an “old-school cool” vibe that can’t quite be replicated anywhere else in Brooklyn. This no-frills pizzeria is known for its perfectly charred crusts, fresh mozzarella, and housemade meatballs. While you’re waiting for your order, a small sign invites you to borrow a board game and make some new memories with your loved ones. 

What they’re known for: Classically made, wood-fired pies with ingredients imported from Italy

Yelpers say: “The rating is not overhyped. I am impressed with how good this pie is. I took a bite and immediately knew this is something special, really special. The cheese and sauce are like a beautiful married couple. They taste timeless and I found the pie gets better with time, rather than the opposite of other pies I have tasted. The artisanal, wood-fired crust is great too. I would also like to point out the staff. They worked hard, and made sure I was taken care of. It was like going back in time to a period of the kind of character Bay Ridge once was, and hopefully can still retain a bottle of that kind of character. Thank you Lombardo’s for a great pie and I hope to come back for more.” —Matthew S.

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Flavor meets a foldable crust at Geno D’s Pizza, located inside The Market at 7th Street. Although this New Jersey style pizzeria was only recently established in 2021 – locals have lots of love for their specialty pies and “focca” sandwiches. Don’t miss out on their signature “Grandma Pizza,” cooked in a rectangular pan and topped with fresh mozzarella and housemade pesto. Plus, if you check-in on your Yelp app when you arrive, you’ll be rewarded with  three free Garlic Knots or Cinnamon Knots. 

What they’re known for: New Jersey style pizza served in a trendy, North Carolina food hall

Yelpers say: “This place gets all the stars. Amazingly delicious pizza. I came to this market for other items. When I got to the elevator in the parking deck I could smell this pizza place. My mouth immediately started watering. It was so intense the closer I got that I forgot what I came to the market for and went straight for the pizza. It was totally worth it. They seem to have a great menu but I knew I wanted a pepperoni pizza. I went straight to order and was greeted by very friendly pizza makers. You place your order and get a text when it’s ready. Here is where I remembered what I needed. I shopped and before I knew it the pizza was done. Oh my gosh it was just so good. I will def be back just for the pizza next time.” —Jamie M.

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Detroit-style pizza finds a new home outside of the DFW Metroplex. Owner Greg Tierney grew up in Michigan, and has been working in restaurants since he was 15-years-old. Motor City Pizza originally launched in October 2020 as a ghost kitchen, before finding an official storefront around a year later. Yelpers recommend starting your meal off with an order of their “almost legendary” Potato Chip Chicken Strips. Motor City bakes its pizzas in traditional, blue steel pans – the same way Detroiters have been making pizza since 1946.

What they’re known for: Detroit-style pizzas with a crispy, cheesy crust, topped with creative concoctions and the “Boss Sauce”

Yelpers say: “I love pizza of all styles and especially Detroit-style pizza as I was born and raised in Michigan and have lived just about everywhere in between. When I moved to TX, one of the first things I wanted to find was a Detroit-style pizza. I came across Motor City Pizza and I couldn’t wait to get an order placed. I ran into the house like a child on Christmas morning and grabbed a slice of each to try. The flavors, the sauce, the crust – absolutely had my taste buds going in every direction. This is the best Detroit- style pizza I’ve had, period. That’s right, the absolute best I’ve ever eaten in my almost 50 years on this earth.” —Steven S.

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The European “Slow Food Revolution” finds an American advocate in Bryan Tyler of Tyler’s Pizzeria & Bakery. With an emphasis on sustainable ingredients, this scratch kitchen makes everything fresh daily – from the pizza dough to their variety of sauces. Customize your pie with a selection of their locally sourced toppings, or choose from one of their specialty pizzas like the “Sunny-Side Up,” complete with shredded potatoes, bacon, and eggs. If you’re inspired to do some baking of your own – order some of their raw dough to-go.

What they’re known for: Freshly-made, affordable pizzas and European-style baked goods

Yelpers say: “Holy Hannah why have I waited so long to try this pizza?!?! All I can say is the pizza was fantastic and we will likely not order from anyone else moving forward.” —Amy P.

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Your slice of the pie is waiting for you at this Phoenix pizzeria. New York-style tradition meets the flavors of the Southwest at this local favorite. Self-proclaimed “dough head” and owner Randy Bortin opened My Slice of the Pie in 2016, drawing inspiration from his sister-in-law and her hometown of Culiacan, Mexico. Their menu features all sorts of fusion, like the “You Gotta Carne Asada,” topped with their signature “Southwest Sauce,” chargrilled steak, avocado puree, cilantro, and cotija cheese. 

What they’re known for: NY-style pizza with a Southwest flair

Yelpers say: “If the doctor told me to medicate myself with pizza this is what I would choose. The dough was exactly as it should taste for a New York style pizza, the sauce flavoring was on point, and I should’ve ordered extra cheese because it was that good. I don’t know what I’m gonna do with myself because it’s only five minutes from my place but I appreciate the fact that I have the option.” —Kelley D.

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In Italian, “a dopo” means “see you later,” and you’ll definitely want to return to this Knoxville pizzeria as soon as possible. Yelpers recommend making a reservation at this incredibly popular restaurant, known for its locally-sourced ingredients and classic, wood-fired pies. Choose from their classic red and white sauces, and don’t miss out on their freshly made mozzarella. As their menu notes, save some room for gelato, with rotating flavors like “Pistachio” and “Earl Grey.”

What they’re known for: Neapolitan-style pizzas with a sourdough crust, small-batch gelato, and locally sourced, seasonal vegetables

Yelpers say: “Whether you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day, a graduation, out of town friends, or meeting the in-laws, A Dopo offers a boosted-casual experience and food that is sure to impress! Each pizza is uniquely crafted on top of soft sourdough crust and fired to perfection in their brick oven. The sourdough base and lightly burnt edges, along with a fantastic wine selection, make A Dopo much more than your run-of-the-mill “pizza joint”. Don’t skip the add-ons section either! It helps elevate any pizza to your liking with options from truffle oil to spicy hot. My best take: order the Soppressata with a blush base, sweet hot, and garlic!” —Caleigh J.

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This secret is on a “knead-to-know,” basis – and we think you need to know about this Portland pizzeria. Secret Pizza Society is serving up hot, fresh pizza, using only vegan/vegetarian-friendly ingredients. From cashew and coconut-based cheeses, to tasty tofu and other flavorful meat-substitutes, you won’t even miss the real thing after you’re done chowing down on these tasty pies. If not everyone in your group is in the mood for a slice, sample one of their specialty sandwiches, known fondly as “Popkins.” 

What they’re known for: Creatively crafted vegan pizzas

Yelpers say: “One of the best vegan pizzas I’ve ever had. Tons of flavor. The soy curls are delicious! The crust (my favorite part) is amazing because it’s crispy/ flakey on the outside but moist/fluffy on the inside. I love that they have a strict commitment to all organic ingredients and they use all local homemade vegan cheeses. That’s rare to find nowadays. Loved the fresh tomatoes too.” —Devin Lynn F.

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21. Mangia & Bevi Pizzeria Napoletana, Cocoa Beach, Florida

22. Circles + Squares, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

23. First Love Brewing, Fernandina Beach, Florida

24. Pizza Thief, Portland, Oregon

25. Panezanellie Breadstick Shoppe, Sublimity, Oregon

26. Fahrenheit Pizza & Brewhouse, Asheville, North Carolina

27. Antics Pizza, Hilo, Hawaii

28. Paparazzi Pizza, Carrollton, Texas

29. Pizzeria Lui, Lakewood, Colorado

30. Ashay’s Pizza, Houston, Texas

31. Coletti’s Pizza Factory, Biddeford, Maine

32. Pizzoco Pizza Parlor, Winchester, Virginia

33. Slice City Pizza, Fort Worth, Texas

34. Pedroso’s Pizza, Austin, Texas

35. Volo Craft Pizza, Swampscott, Massachusetts

36. Centro Woodfired Pizza, Cedar City, Utah

37. Manizza’s Pizza, Las Vegas, Nevada

38. High Mountain Pies, Leadville, Colorado

39. Pizzeoli Wood Fired Pizza, Saint Louis, Missouri

40. baked, Galesburg, Illinois

41. Moto, Seattle, Washington

42. Il Rione, Cleveland, Ohio

43. Milly’s Pizza in the Pan, Chicago, Illinois

44. Tutti Da Gio, Hermitage, Tennessee

45. I Tre Mori, Indianapolis, Indiana

46. Santino’s Little Italy, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

47. Iechyd Da Brewing Company, Elkhart, Indiana

48. Pomodoro E Mozzarella, Saint Charles, Illinois

49. Domenick & Pia Pizzeria, Waterbury, Connecticut

50. B Side Pizza & Wine Bar, New York, New York

51. Park Street Pizza, Sugarcreek, Ohio

52. Tasty Pizza, Omaha, Nebraska

53. Totally 80’s Pizza, Fort Collins, Colorado

54. Ravanesi Pizzeria Napoletana, Glen Mills, Pennsylvania

55. Ohio Pie Co., Brunswick, Ohio

56. DOPO Pizza & Pasta, Reno, Nevada

57. Base Pizzeria, Phoenix, Arizona

58. MOZZ, Provo, Utah

59. Futuro, Indianapolis, Indiana

60. West of Chicago Pizza Company, Seattle, Washington

61. Bob’s Pizza, Chicago, Illinois

62. Mama’s Pizza, Saint Paul, Minnesota

63. Village Pizza, Nags Head, North Carolina

64. Lolita’s Pizza, Poughkeepsie, New York

65. Rice n’ Pie, Berkeley Lake, Georgia

66. Meaux Jeaux Pizza, Metairie, Louisiana

67. Next Door, New Haven, Connecticut

68. Pizzeria Bocce, Cottonwood, Arizona

69. Pizza Shark, Harwich, Massachusetts

70. Ema Rossi Pizzeria Napoletana, Rockville, Maryland

71. Pickup’s Pizza Company, Eagle, Colorado

72. Patellie’s, Three Oaks, Michigan

73. Angeli’s Pizzeria, Baltimore, Maryland

74. Vicini’s Restaurant and Pizza, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

75. Orsi’s Italian Bakery & Pizzeria, Omaha, Nebraska 

76. Biga Pizza, Missoula, Montana

77. TriBecca Allie Cafe, Sardis, Missouri

78. Quartiere, Stamford, Connecticut

79. Curry Pizza, Valley, Utah

80. Hot Tomato Pizzeria, Frutia, Colorado

81. Pizza A Metro, Phoenix, Arizona

82. The Wylder, Boise, Idaho

83. Novanta, Madison, Wisconsin

84. What It Dough, Honolulu, Hawaii

85. Spicy Slices, Novi, Michigan

86. Pomodoro Pizzeria, Bethany Beach, Delaware

87. Antica Forma, Vernal, Utah

88. Cucina Caprese, San Diego, California

89. Esco’s Pizza, Los Angeles, California

90. Market Street Pizza, Austin, Texas

91. Oregon Wood Fired Pizza, Eugene, Oregon

92. Beekman Ale House, Sleepy Hollow, New York

93. Bella Amici Pizzeria & Restaurante, Boca Raton, Florida

94. Pizzeria Posto, Rhinebeck, New York

95. Rick’s Pizza, Beer, & More, Reno, Nevada

96. Spuntino Wood Fired Pizzeria, Doylestown, Pennsylvania

97. Zazas Pizzeria, Chicago, Illinois

98. Pizza by Biaggio, Henderson, Nevada

99. Apizza Regionale, Syracuse, New York

100. T-Mama’s Gourmet, Aurora, Colorado

Top 25 Pizza Spots in Canada

We couldn’t celebrate World Pizza Day without acknowledging some of the most popular pizza spots in Canada. Whether you’re devouring a classic, Neapolitan-style pie at Artista Pizza in Pitt Meadows, British Columbia (#1), or enjoying the old-world flavors of the Mediterranean at Mamajoun Armenian Pizzeria in Toronto, Ontario (#2), we know there’s something for every pizza aficionado on this list.

How we did it: This is an all-time list of the Top Pizza Spots in Canada, according to Yelp. We identified businesses in the pizza category, then ranked those spots using a number of factors including the total volume and ratings of reviews.

1. Artista Pizza, Pitt Meadows, British Columbia

Putting the “art” back into pizza – this small, mom-and-pop pizzeria is all about authentic, Italian flavors. Tucked away on a Pitt Meadows side street, Yelpers rave about Artista’s huge portion sizes and perfectly charred crust. Menu favorites include classics like the “Napoli” and “Capricossa,” along with more creative concoctions like their “C.C.B.,” a white pizza topped with chicken, cranberries, and brie cheese. 

What they’re known for: Traditional, wood-fired pizzas with both typical and original topping options

Yelpers say: “This has got to be the best pizza in town. This is a passionate crew with quality ingredients creating some of the most authentic Italian pizzas I’ve had outside of Italy. The dough is so delicious. It has a bit of a sourdoughy twang to it – evidence of a nice long rise. It is cooked in their wood oven high and quick, and gets wonderful classic charred bits, while maintaining a wonderful fluffy chew. Just perfect. The toppings are also great quality. Simple but top notch. Delicious sauce, not overly sweet or overly seasoned. The pepperoni they use harkens back to a quality pizza diavola you would find in a good restaurant in Rome or northern Italy. It has just the right amount of spice to be a crowd favorite.” —Jordan V.

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Taste the tradition at this Toronto pizzeria. Founded in 2014, Mamajoun is recreating authentic, Armenian recipes with an emphasis on fresh ingredients and nostalgic flavors. Dough is prepared fresh daily, and all sauces are made by hand. Choose from a variety of specialty pies – including off-the-wall offerings like the “Not-Yo-Pizza,” topped black olives, jalapenos, cheddar cheese, and red onions.

What they’re known for: Putting a new twist on an Old Middle Eastern favorite – ”Lahmajoun,” which translates to meat on dough/bread

Yelpers say: “I love discovering food from different cultures in Toronto and I always wanted to try Armenian food. Growing up in the east end of Toronto, I always passed by this place and have no idea how I missed it! I highly recommend trying out the Mamajoun and to try other traditional options, special to Armenia. There is so [much] variety here … make sure to check them out.” —Thanuja V.

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Dig into delicious, Detroit-style pizza at Descendant. These delicacies are baked in signature, blue steel pans, and made with a thick, Sicilian-style crust. Yelpers rave about their creatively-named menu items, and intriguing toppings like mango chutney, lemon zest, and jerk chicken that you won’t find at any other pizza joint in town.

What they’re known for: Crispy, Detroit-style pizzas with several unique topping options

Yelpers say: “One of the many new burgeoning Detroit-style pizza places in Toronto, and unquestionably the best of the bunch in the city. Over multiple visits here, I’ve tried the Pepperoni (my personal favourite), Barese, Gatt-Daddy, and No-Name pizzas, all of which were fantastic. What makes a Detroit-style pizza is the lacy, browned-cheese edge, and this place does that masterfully. The toppings are delicious, the crust is crispy, and altogether you have a pizza that [you] never want to stop eating, long after you’re done. This is a real treat for any pizza lover.” —Joseph S.

Find even more best pizza spots in Toronto.

Located in the heart of Old Town Toronto, Cafe Oro Di Napoli is celebrated for its wood-fired pies and housemade pastas. You may just feel like you’ve been transported to a cozy eatery in Italy when you take a bite of fan favorite “Pizza Oro,” loaded with housemade sausage, pepperoni, ‘nduja, and herbs. Yelpers also recommend saving room for something sweet – as Cafe Oro offers a selection of freshly prepared gelato. 

What they’re known for: Neapolitan-style pizzas, handmade pasta, and delicious desserts

Yelpers say: “Charming place!!  Almost felt like I was in Italy with the food I ate. The servers were friendly and did well with their recommendations. They followed up to make sure we were happy with our food. It’s such a nice restaurant with a chillaxing vibe and great food.” —Kerry W.

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5. Creekbread, Whistler, British Columbia

Pizza with a purpose. This Whistler staple opened in 2010, right across the street from where the downhill races were held in that year’s Olympic games. Their pizza dough and sauces are made fresh with organic ingredients, and most of their toppings are also sustainably sourced. Yelpers rave about the “Pemberton Potato” pizza, and recommend adding bacon. Creekbread hosts a “Community Bakes” event every Tuesday evening, where they donate a portion of their sales to a local, non-profit organization. Make reservations for this local favorite directly through your Yelp app. 

What they’re known for: Handcrafted pizza dough, and inventive, organic toppings

Yelpers say: “Awesome pizzas! Their crust is the star of the show. It was light, soft and chewy in the center but with a crispy crust. Who knew potato can be a good pizza topping, it is! The Kahlua Pork pie was also very tasty. If you are ever in Whistler, this is a must visit place to dine.” —Ramon D.

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6. Rocket Pie, Canmore, Alberta

7. Scratch Kitchen, North Vancouver, British Columbia

8. Emilio Finatti Pizzeria, Langley, British Columbia

9. Red Rock Pizza, Canmore, Alberta

10. La Pizzaio, Québec City, Quebec

11. Captain’s Pizza Oven, Surrey, British Columbia

12. Pizza Break, Vaughan, Ontario

13. Applestone Pizzeria, Burlington, Ontario

14. Il Focolaio, Montréal, Québec

15. Gaga Pizzeria, Calgary, Alberta

16. Napoli Centrale, Toronto, Ontario

17. Jeanne’s Pizza Party, Calgary, Alberta

18. Pizza on Earth, Dorset, Ontario

19. Pizza Carano, Vancouver, British Columbia

20. Slice of Fire, Markham, Ontario

21. Bad Tattoo Brewing, Penticton, British Columbia

22. 850 Degrees Pizzeria, Etobicoke, Ontario

23. AJ’s Brooklyn Pizza Joint, Vancouver, British Columbia

24. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co, Canmore, Alberta

25. Nook, Vancouver, British Columbia

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