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Tim Vandenack, standard auditor

The outside of the Amer Sports facility in the Ogden Business Depot at 961 W. 2nd St. in Ogden is pictured on Thursday, September 23, 2021.

OGDEN – Amer Sports, a major sporting goods manufacturer in Ogden, is proposing a $ 30 million upgrade of a building in the Ogden commercial depot as part of a major expansion plan that could create up to 155 new jobs in 10 years.

The company is seeking a total of $ 4.08 million in tax incentives to aid with the plans. That total includes $ 2.46 million in tax increases, currently a point of discussion among Ogden officials and the focus of a planned public hearing on October 19th, are discounts on sales, corporate and withholding taxes. An additional $ 300,000 would come through the Utah Industrial Assistance Fund’s grant program, which is designed to promote employment growth.

The $ 2.46 million would be used for equipment and upgrades inside the huge 480,000-square-foot warehouse and distribution center that Amer Sports uses at 961 W. 2nd St. on the BDO, said Brandon Cooper, assistant director for community and economic development for Ogden. The funds would come in the form of deferred property taxes that the company would otherwise owe on the property’s appreciation caused by the modernization plans.

Amer Sports, Cooper told Ogden City Council when officials discussed the funding proposal for a $ 2.46 million tax hike was a “catalytic unit” in efforts to create an outdoor industrial cluster in Ogden. “They have been of direct benefit to us over the years,” he said, and expects it will stay that way.

An Amer Sports representative was not immediately available Friday for comment on the plans. The Finland-based company is an international company with locations around the world and makes everything from skis to baseball bats. Headquartered in the AmeriCan Center in Ogden, the company manufactures carbon fiber bicycle rims and components for Enve Composites, a subsidiary at 508 W. Stockman Way in the city’s Trackline Economic Development Area.

Cooper said the proposed modernizations would be completed over a 10-year period, creating between 100 and 155 new jobs over that period.

The city would need to create the flagship community reinvestment area around Amer Sports BDO grounds to ease the proposed tax incentive and this will be the focus of the October 19th hearing on which the city council can act.

In total, the initiative would generate $ 2.9 million in tax hike funding. Approximately $ 2.46 million of this would be used for the Amer Sports Project and the remainder, approximately $ 445,000, would be used for administrative costs and housing programs as per state guidelines.

Of the total of $ 2.9 million raised over a period of up to 10 years, $ 1.62 million would come from tax revenue otherwise earmarked for the Ogden School District. Another $ 645,000 would be in funds for the city and $ 639,000 in funds for Weber County.


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