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Courtesy Tom Hogan

Tom Hogan is the associate director of Community Action Services and Food Bank.

It’s no secret that inflation rates are wreaking havoc on many Americans’ lives. The annual inflation rate in the US hit 9.1% in June 2022, the highest it has been in over 40 years. This growing inflation rate makes it difficult for some individuals to afford their basic life necessities. As prices increase, more people are seeking support services to help them through these challenging times.

One support service is hard at work making these challenging times bearable. Community Action Services and Food Bank (CASFB) is a nonprofit organization in Provo seeking to solve the issue of poverty. Their mission is to foster self-reliance in individuals, families and communities by providing them with the resources necessary to stabilize their crises and helping them to rebuild their lives. By working for and with the community, CASFB is effecting positive change in Utah.

Helping the community

Since 1967, CASFB has worked to provide individuals with long-term solutions to rebuild their financial and social self-sufficiency and break out of poverty.

Recent economic conditions have led to CASFB seeing a large increase in the number of people coming to them for aid. The organization is currently providing food to twice as many individuals as this time last year. This number continues to rise rapidly. In June, CASFB provided food support to 4,300 individuals. That is 900 more people than were served just the month before.

Additionally, CASFB has seen a 50% increase in the number of people coming to them to secure safe housing and prevent utility suspensions. Other services provided by CASFB include emergency assistance, financial learning and homebuyer education services, among others. As inflation continues to rise, it is expected that the need for all services will continue to grow.

Receiving Help from the Community

Thankfully, an increase in donations is helping CASFB meet the rise in needs. CASFB has seen generous support from the community as it strives to keep up with the changing and growing needs of those who are struggling. CASFB is grateful to the kind, supportive members of the community that enable its organization to fulfill the needs of those in poverty.

There are many ways that you can help. If you are interested in hosting a food drive, you can find additional details on the site. CASFB has helped many work groups and churches organize food drives and is always willing to help those who want to organize one of their own. Through CASFB’s grocery rescue program, individuals and organizations can provide many nutritious items, such as bread, fresh fruit, vegetables, meats, eggs and dairy products.

Fighting poverty requires a combined effort from the community and organizations alike. With 14% of Utah County living in poverty — totaling about 72,000 people — anything helps. Together, we can fight poverty and build stable, self-reliant communities.

Tom Hogan is the COO of Community Action Services and Food Bank in Provo. CASFB is located at 815 S. Freedom Blvd., Ste. 100. For more information on educational programs, how to make donations, upcoming classes, food drives and more, visit or call (801) 373-8200.


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