Champions Again! Bert Ogden Fiesta Chevrolet 2021 Chevy Dealer of the Year!

Pictured above, from left to right: Bernie Hinojosa, account manager with General Motors; Craig Vickers, the Chevy Zone Manager for the south, central, and west Texas regions; Billy Kelley, General Manager Fiesta Chevrolet team; Natasha del Barrio CEO Bert Ogden Auto Group and Larry Thompson District Manager with General Motors. Billy proudly holds the 2021 Chevy Dealer of the Year Award. Photo by Roberto Hugo Gonzalez.– Advertisement –

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By Roberto Hugo Gonzalez

Fiesta Chevrolet has done it again and won 2021 Chevy Dealer of the Year! The Chevrolet dealer is on a privileged list of sixty best-performing dealers in the nation. They carved out a top place among the best-sellers of Chevrolet vehicles in South Texas and the US This past month, the Bert Ogden Auto Group and General Motors came together to celebrate Fiesta Chevrolet’s outstanding achievement with an award ceremony.

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Representatives from General Motors came to present the highest award that very few in this business can obtain. Craig Vickers, the Chevy Zone Manager for the south, central, and west Texas regions, was eager to talk about the 2021 Chevy Dealer of the Year and that Fiesta Chevrolet had again won the Triple Crown of awards for the year.

Vickers declared, “These days are special; we don’t just give out the Dealer of the Year award lightly.” He said, “Less than two percent of our 3,000 dealers across the country win this elite recognition. I’m certainly excited and proud to bring it back here.”

Vickers pointed out that Fiesta Chevrolet was on a path to winning the Triple Crown Award for 2022. He explained that this award is the most significant award General Motors gives to distinguish the best of the best in the nation. “We’ve got an Elite Leaders Trophy over for volume. We’ve got Mark of Excellence, the award that covers several facets of the business, which encompasses how a dealer does overall.” He continued, “To be able to give these out, I don’t take it lightly. I don’t get to do it much; fewer than sixty dealers across the country win these awards. So, it is a huge honor and privilege for us, and frankly, it’s an accomplishment for us to have a dealer that does that well.”

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Natasha del Barrio, CEO of Bert Ogden Auto Group, asked Craig, how often does it happen that dealers win consecutively? Vickers’ response: It’s easier to win the first one than the second one. You talk about the NBA, Super Bowl, or something like that; it’s tough to repeat. So, I think we’re on our way to give it again at this point,” he said.

In 2015 and 2020, Fiesta Chevrolet won the same award, so being able to get it again is just outstanding work by General Manager Billy Kelley and the Fiesta Chevrolet team. “It’s certainly not easy to repeat. It is hard to win it again. It’s brutal competition out there. It’s an amazing accomplishment,” Vickers stated.

Billy said, “Once again, Mr. and Mrs. Vackar won the Dealer of the Year award. It’s a great honor to be part of their team and part of the culture they have created, where every day is special. Every deal means something. Every customer is unique. So, it’s awesome to be a part of this great organization.”

He also said that the past pandemic environment created challenges for them but also created tremendous opportunities, and that was to step up and be there for their customers and employees under whatever circumstances.

Regarding the market conditions, Billy said, “The market now is all about volume. Our inventories have blossomed back. Between the two dealerships I manage, we have over 500 vehicles, so we’re excited to offer great prices, great service, and outstanding products once again.” The essential factor here is that the company’s success is based on teamwork. The final coronation of the success is that the customers keep returning as loyal as ever.

Vickers also said, “This is a very intensive car market, with several dealerships in a small geographic area. So, it’s very competitive. It’s hard to do what you all do. And over the last two years, with everything that’s gone on in the world, it’s even tougher to do what you do — with many things outside your control. We’ve put you in tough circumstances with parts delays and not having vehicles. I mean, over the last two years, you have had times where you’ve had 20 vehicles on a lot, and those are probably some of the good days. You probably had less than that. So, we haven’t made it easy for you, but you guys have flourished, and that’s because of everybody in this room; it’s a team sport. Natasha and Billy are your leaders. Mr. and Mrs. Vackar set the pace for the entire organization, but it’s you all that get it done daily. A huge thank you from me, my team, my family, and General Motors. Thank you for what you do,” Vickers finalized.

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