Demonstration against children with masks in schools in Vernal

VERNAL, Utah – A demonstration against children wearing masks in school took place in Vernal on Monday.

“We have to fight fire with fire,” said one protester.

“Vernal won’t be silent anymore,” said another in a video from V6 Media.

The demonstration was organized by Bobby Oostveen, who doesn’t believe in masks or the science behind them.

He and others argue that masks cause emotional and physical harm to children.

Oostveen was on a local radio station last week to promote Monday’s event.

He railed against the new Uintah school district superintendent and district officials, claiming that masking obligations and business closings are illegal and would deprive them of personal freedoms.

The demonstration in front of the old district court was peaceful.

The CDC recommends that people ages two and up wear face covering to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

The recommendation is fully supported by physicians and the Utah Department of Health.

Governor Gary Herbert’s mask mandate for all schools in Utah remains in effect.

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