Ding-The-Ling Derby Set for January 16 on the Fontenelle Reservoir

The La Barge Activities Committee invites all anglers to participate in the annual Ding-the-Ling Fishing Derby on January 16th at the Fontenelle Reservoir.

GREEN RIVER – Looking for a winter recreation opportunity? Gather together with your family or friends, come up with a creative team name and go fishing! The Wyoming Game and Fish Department has teamed up with the La Barge Activities Committee to host a burbot-only fishing derby in the Fontenelle Reservoir.

The Ding-The-Ling Derby takes place from January 14th at noon to January 16th at 7am. Cash prizes are available in many categories, including the grand prize of up to $ 2,500 for a lucky person who donates a marked burbot. Online registration is possible this year.

Tadpoles were illegally introduced into the Green River drainage, which includes the Fontenelle and Flaming Gorge Reservoirs. Burbot are a productive and aggressive predatory fish that has depleted the crabs (forage) in Fontenelle and suppressed the black bass population. Burbot also regularly hunt other sport fish such as trout and kokanee.

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“By participating in this and other Quappenderbys, anglers actively help manage these waters. Anglers’ removal is an effective way to reduce the number of tadpoles, ”said Robb Keith, director of fisheries at Green River. “The tadpoles are classified as non-wild species west of the continental divide, so there is no limit to the number of tadpoles an angler can keep. This designation offers anglers the opportunity to stock their freezers with lots of delicious burbot fillets. ”

Game and Fish is pleased to have the La Barge Activities Committee supporting the La Barge Ding the Ling Fishing competition. The event helps to highlight the problem of illegally introduced burbot in the Fontenelle reservoir and results in a significant number of burbot being removed from the reservoir every year.

It is an essential way to help sport fish populations, which in turn benefits the anglers who fish in the reservoir year-round.

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