DWR removes 4 raccoon pets from home, reminds public about illegally kept wildlife

VERNAL, Utah— The Division of Wildlife Resources reminded the public about the dangers of keeping a wild animal as a pet after four raccoons were seized from a home in northeastern Utah.

The raccoons were recovered after DWR conservation officers received a report on March 2 of a family keeping four pet raccoons at their home in Roosevelt. When investigated, the officers discovered the animals had been brought into Utah illegally from another state when the individuals moved to Utah.

The raccoons were seized and the individuals were cited.

According to a release from DWR, there have been roughly 10 illegally-kept raccoons seized from homes in Utah since 2019.

It is illegal to hold any protected wildlife captive without proper permits in Utah. DWR stated, “Protected wildlife includes a variety of species, including those you can hunt like deer, cottontail rabbits, several bird species, bears, cougars and others. Many bird species that aren’t hunted are also protected, under the Migratory Bird Treaty Act. the DWR oversees the management of protected wildlife throughout the state.”

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