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“Home Run” November 4th cover story
Very timely on housing and bipartisan politics that would have a real impact.

It runs fine.

I love the culmination of a Republican learning how it will cost less to provide good service in the long run, and it’s the right thing to do.
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“Come to Me Bros.” Nov 4th Restaurant Review
I love reading your restaurant reviews. But in the future I’m not so sure.

Alex [Springer]’s vulgar language really put me off. I don’t think swear words really have to appear in a restaurant review. It is food! – Don’t hang out with your unmarried brothers on the weekend.

F-bombs don’t make good journalism, and if I were Kabob Bros I would be very embarrassed.

Stay in your lane.
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“Donut-Hole Cops” November 4th private investigator
Love the article! I sympathize with the hotel staff. I am a receptionist and I was at work every day and could never work from home. I’ve had similar experiences.

Banbury Cross is one of our favorite places to get goodies. Things are different and crazy. Hold on and know that many of us appreciate the people who get up and go to work every day. Thanks very much!
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If the sign had simply said: “We are short of staff, please be patient”, no one would be interested. But the suggestion that the cause is that [workers] take government leaflets what people get upset about.
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After seeing the whole world go insane last year while going to work as usual with absolutely no changes in my daily life, I very much identify with that feeling.
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